Team Stone Girls

Whenever the girls and I go somewhere we are always a “team”.  Bethany and Audrey “lock it up” and link hands, they help me with groceries, doors, lists, choosing the best drink for them at Starbucks ( I ALWAYS have the same thing – Venti Earl Grey tea, one bag, no room) or carrying the mail.  “Team Stone Girls” consists of Kid 1 – Bethany, Kid 2 – Audrey, and THE Mama – that’s me with the name AJ gave me.

By allowing the girls to take part in our outings and to see the things we do as a team activity the are more co-operative, listen slightly better and it feels fun.  It’s a simple thing,  it’s not hard and it takes little to no effort on my part but “Team Stone Girls” matters to Bethany and Audrey.  I hope it always will.

I hope that as they grow up they will still need to “lock it up” together, whether it’s by hands or by hearts.  I hope they need each other as much as they do today and I pray that no matter what happens in life they will stand by each other.

They are my sweet girls and together we make up “Team Stone Girls”.

sidenote: When Corey is around he’s a member of the Team but I’ve finally convinced the girls that Daddy isn’t a girl too, so he’s Captain Daddy of the Team Stone Girls.  It works better for his MoJo.