Happy Canada Day, you Hosers!


Through my teenage years I wished I wasn’t tall, I wished I wasn’t “chubby”, I wished I didn’t have brunette hair, I wished I wasn’t perminently pre-pubecent, I even wished I wasn’t a girl for a while (seriously, boys are SO much less dramatic) but not once did I ever wish I wasn’t Canadian. I’m proud to be Canadian, it’s a simple as that.

If you’re from Canada and don’t laugh at this – we can’t be friends.

We live in a unique, beautiful and diverse Country. We are the reason hockey is what it is (despite the fact that we have to take claims to things like the Canucks and the Habs), the world covets our Grade A Canadian Beef and who doesn’t want to take credit for the likes of Scott Speedman?!

Our humour is nothing less than sarcastic, we say “eh”(follow the link for a full definition) and know that a “Double-Double from Timmy Ho’s” is not porn. We know that a R-OOF goes over our heads and dogs say “Ruff”, a “Chinook” is far more than a fish and Poutine, while a recipe for heart disease is a delcious dish full of french fries, gravy and cheese curds.

So to Canada, on her 145th birthday I’d like to say “Happy Birthday great Country, you look fantastic! Thank you for the freedom, the landscape and men, like Bob & Doug McKenzie”!

My Dad has this cassette when I was a kid and this song makes me smile every time.

Happy Canada Day, you Hosers!

6 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day, you Hosers!

  1. We can SO be friends! Glad I went to the bathroom (or is that washroom or toilet, who knows) before I read this. Good ole Bob and Doug…

    Thanks for the laugh.

    Besos, Sarah

    Zookeeper at Journeysof TheZoo
    Journeysof TheZoo recently posted..Happy Canada Day 2012

  2. Wonderful tribute to Canada! Even if I have personally never gotten into Poutine (I prefer to reference Nanaimo Bars as a Canadian favourite food) and don't really care about hockey. Happy Canada Day! 🙂
    Bonnie Way recently posted..Happy Canada Day! #TGCBB

  3. Happy Canada Day! I must say though that we do not call it Timmy Ho's around here. Just Timmies. (I'm in Windsor, Ontario.) I agree with what you said though about wishing I wasn't a lot of things but never wishing I wasn't Canadian!
    Kathleen recently posted..Happy Canada Day!

  4. This makes me think of my dad too, with a little tear in my eye, we used to watch this all the time as kids. I miss him dearly, but cherish all the funny memories he left me with. I can hear him laughing right now 😉

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