Barbie – The old, the new and the great Savings!

Some of the greatest memories from my childhood involve two things – my best friend Cindy and our Barbies.  We spent hour upon endless hour lost in an imaginary world all our own.  We “attended” the wedding of Ken and Barbie at least 400 times and saw Skipper take more than one spin around the block in the Barbie Jeep.  Those memories are what helped shape the views for our futures and it was in that play that we learned to dream of happily ever after.

The years slowly passed and those Barbies became less played with, homework, boys and the inevitable “growing up” took their place and the once protected Barbie Box slid slowly to the back of my closet.  When the teenage years hit and I was ready to let go of the “Barbie Dream” my Mom hung on.  She took that special box and put it away in the hopes that one day, there would be another generation of little girls to share the wonder and delight of Barbie with.  Then I rolled my eyes and thought, “Oh Moooom” but now, I’m so very thankful.

Many, MANY years have gone by since that time and there are two beautiful and precious little girls who have themselves fallen in love with the magic of Barbie.  The past few birthdays and Christmases have seen our floor littered with the empty packages of pink Barbie gear and the squeals of delight found in the new toy, accessory or adventure.   Each Barbie has a name, 35 outfits (give or take a few…dozen) and they have been dressed and re-dressed many times. (sidenote: I am still an excellent Barbie stylist, she’s about the only fashionista I can dress).

Then a few weeks ago my Mom unearthed that old, dusty box of Barbies.  The girls and I hauled it home and with more joy and pleasure than I ever dreamed I’d have I watched my girls get lost in another world.  They weren’t just playing with Barbies, they weren’t just lost in the imaginary world that she comes with, they were playing with my Barbies, lost in the place where my dreams of them began.

Barbie and the people that put their hearts into creating her have brought millions of children joy around the world for many years.  She’s been dreams to little girls and treasures to the collectors.  Her clothes may change and Ken’s hair has evolved a little over time but the heart of who Barbie is has never changed.

Now it’s time for some good news – Barbie has joined Facebook and she’s got an announcement to make! Starting this Tuesday August 7 2012 you’re going to be able to See What Happens when you Save with Barbie!  Coupons will be available every Tuesday and Thursday at giving you the change to save on all your Barbie purchases!  They are going to be deals you’re not going to want to miss!

Worried you’ll forget?  Don’t be – all you have to do is watch the Barbie Facebook Page or Our Family Stone for weekly reminders to click over and save!

Let’s take our kids to the next level with Barbie and See What happens when we save!

Disclosure: I am participating in a Mom Central Consulting campaign for Barbie and receive compensation for my post. All opinions on this blog are my own

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  1. I can not wait for this promo to begin. I am really hoping to snag some deals and get a jump on birthdays, Christmas, etc. shopping.

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