Busted and Bruised

This past weekend Corey went away.  By himself.  Without us.  Just him, in the truck, all alone.  Which means I too was alone.  With 2 little girls, and 3 days to fill.  In the middle of a freaking hot spell.

I was worried it wouldn’t be awesome it would be *awesome* (which is sarcastic and actually means horrible).  Thankfully due to the grace of God, the awesomeness of our girls and my Mom it turned out to be the real awesome.

Corey needed the break.  He works so hard at his job, to provide for us, as a parent to love our girls and as a husband serving me as his wife.  He’s amazing at those things and we do our best to give those things back to him, but he needed a chance to refresh.

The weekend went well for all of us and thankfully it flew by.  (sidenote: it actually floated by in a puddle of sweat, good grief it was HOT!)

Then we returned to regularly scheduled life and it kicked us in the face – literally.

First Tuesday came along and we were back at work.  The girls were playing nicely in their playroom when all of a sudden we heard a scream and wail (not the “SHE TOOK MY EVERYTHING” wail but the “I’M HURT FOR REAL”).  When I got into the room this is what I found…


Poor Audrey had fallen against her toy shopping cart and smashed her little face.  She is now known as Bruisy McShiner.

Then Wednesday, en route to work with a grumpy and wailing over everything which completely amounted to nothing, Bethany this happens to my windshield….


Dude was driving down the highway WAY to fast, lost the bungee off his truck and it came flying at my van and smashed into my windshield.  It hit so blasted hard that my ears actually plugged and ached.

Angry doesn’t really even begin to describe what I was left feeling but I was also thankful.  It could have come through the window and didn’t.

Most times I like life interesting but tonight I’m going to pray that tomorrow is normal, simple and stupid accident stuff free!

11 thoughts on “Busted and Bruised

  1. Oh wow, her poor little eye! I had a shiner like that when I was about her age…from running face first into monkey bars lol. That sucks about the windshield…we’ve had that happen on the highway from rocks spitting up from other vehicles 🙁 But at least you had an awesome time with the kiddos before all that! 😉
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  2. Wow.. you guys get thrown a lot your way! Sounds like the lady in 1000 Gifts. Have you read that book? If you haven’t I really recommend it.. it’s all about being thankful in everything. http://www.aholyexperience.com/
    And your kids are so beautiful, Ashley! Thanks for being a faithful blogger!

  3. Oh no! I am so glad the accidents weren’t any worse. I am really looking forward the the crisp air of fall. I do enjoy the summer heat though, as I know it is short lived.

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