Finding Grace in Small Things – # 7

1. Watching Bethany find her inner confidence and with the help of a very sweet teenager, climb the rock wall at the exhibition. (sidenote: Corey also battled his fears and made it to the top!)

2. Seeing my sweet little cowgirl, full of chatter and over the moon excited by the cows.


3. A late night visit with a friend who has the ability to leave everyone she talks to feeling encouraged and blessed.

4. Sunday morning sunshine, a new exciting trail and our little rock climbing rock stars!


5. A man who’s first priority is always his family.  A husband who makes his wife feel beautiful and cherished even on her “fat” days and a father who puts aside his own tiredness to run through the sprinkler on a hot afternoon with his girls.


6. 7 years ago yesterday we had our first date, 7 years ago today I discovered what true love really was.

Where did YOU find Grace this weekend?

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