I used to want to be naturally thin

I used to say, “I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and never get fat”, I used agree with my friends when they’d say “Wouldn’t it be nice to be naturally thin?” and I used to look at women with the body shape I desired and think “They’re so lucky, it’s so easy to be them”

Not any more.

Somewhere along the line I made a few discoveries.

“I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and never get fat”

If I could really eat whatever I wanted and not get fat, would I still make healthy choices?  Would I still choose a grilled chicken breast, brown rice and steamed veggies or would I choose Salt & Vinegar chips and Areo Chocolate bars?  I don’t really know, we’d all like to say that we would make the wise choice but would we really?

What if I didn’t make the wise choices what would my heart look like?  What about my liver or my kidneys, would they still be healthy?  If I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t think about fat content, preservatives, chemicals and calories – would I even live to see my grandchildren graduate preschool?

I’m not willing to take a chance fat or not, that my life, the lives of my children and the future of my family will be compromised or shortened all because of a daily regime of grease burgers and garbage filled potato chips.

I’m proud of the choices I make, I love how my body feels when I eat clean food and I truthfully enjoy each and every healthful bite.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to be naturally thin”

This one isn’t really any different for me than the last.  If I were naturally thin would I get up every morning and jump, jog and throw around weights until I’m drenched in sweat?  Would I know how many full push-ups I can do in a row or hold an arm bar plank for 2 minutes?

No.  I wouldn’t.  Of that I’m sure.  Not because I don’t love it, now that I’ve begun I am addicted to my fitness to my daily burn, it makes me happy.  But if I didn’t NEED to do it to really kick off my weight loss journey I may never have begun and I never would have found out how great it really is.

“They’re so lucky!  It’s so easy to be them”

Standing where I stand today, closer to my goal than I was 2 years ago (yet still so far away) I can say with certainty you can’t tell how hard a person does or doesn’t work by just looking at their clothed bodies.

I work hard for what I do have, every single day and I deserve it.   I don’t pretend (or think) that I’m perfect, and I don’t think anybody wants what I have but there have been moments when comments have been made that imply that the way I am now is easy.  These have been made by people who either didn’t know me before or ones closer who assume that my restricted diet with my corn allergy has everything to do with the body I work on.

Let me tell you this.  I’ve spent 2 full years working very hard everyday to make this body healthier.  A corn product doesn’t do my bicep curls and it sure as heck isn’t a salad boxing its way to a puddle of sweat.

Will I ever have the “perfect” body I desire?  Probably not.  Will I always have insecurities?  You can pretty much bank on it.  But I no longer look at my eating and exercise as means to an end.  Rather I see them as part of my journey to prevent an early end.  I feel better when I fuel my body with good foods, I have less stress and more energy when I get my workouts in and I LOVE with a passion seeing my family join me on this journey.

I don’t know how you look at others.  How you see yourself or what your goals are in life.  But maybe instead of looking so much to others either in envy or in judgement take a look at yourself and see your own power.  Decide to make today (not tomorrow) the first day of change and discover that you’re stronger, healthier and more capable than you ever dreamed you could be!

And remember – Eat it Clean, Get it Moving, Live it Healthy.


12 thoughts on “I used to want to be naturally thin

  1. I am proud of you Ashley. You know that for me I used to be super active before I got married and had my babies. I lost the reality somewhere in my generation that my only focus should be Dad and you and Dustin. I forgot to take care of me. Then when I hit my late 30s early 40s health scares put it into perspective that I needed to take care of me. The ride along the way has been interesting but the big thing is I am more healthy now at 54 than I was at 35. I am so very very proud of you that you have taken your health into balance and have found joy in exercise, contentment and health into clean eating and have passed on to your kids early in life the value of being healthy. You are a wonderful mother and a great example to your up and coming teen girls. I love you dear.

    Love always


  2. Love this post! I've actually always been naturally thin myself (as are most people on my side of the family) and it always cracked me up when people would assume I can just eat anything and everything. Although that technically could be true at times, they fail to remember that even when you're thin, you have to maintain your health and eat HEALTHY! Just because someone is thin, doesn't mean their healthy, just the same as, just because some is bigger, doesn't mean they're unhealthy. I focus on myself and my body, and how my body feels healthy. Regardless of being thin, I still try to eat healthy and choose a healthy living…because thin people can get clogged arteries too! lol. Keep up the good work!!
    Brandi recently posted..CoverYourHair Review & Giveaway

  3. I'm naturally thin and actually always had issues putting weight on. After my pregnancy though I have retained almost all the weight I put on and I'm struggling to lose any of it. I think if I weren't naturally thin to begin with I'd have better exercise habits and I wouldn't now be struggling to get back in (a) shape!
    Elizabeth L recently posted..Guest Post: Communicating with your child

  4. Great post 🙂 One of my best friends in high school was so thin, but she never exercised and all she put into her body was poutine and Pepsi. Just because a person is thin does not mean they are healthy 🙂 I’m on the plump side, and though I would love to look lean and trim (I’m trying!), it’s more for health purposes than for appearance in my case. We live on a farm and are super active and eat healthy. I’ve found speed walks first thing in the morning and Zumba classes 2x a week have been great in keeping me balanced.

    I love this post! Such great perspective!
    Christine recently posted..Counting the Days Until #SCCTO! Want To Know Why You Should Attend?

  5. Great Post Ashley! I love the perspective you offered. It’s so easy to say things but it is so much harder to follow through with it. I know I’ve been struggling with my will power lately and I know that it will only be a matter of time before I start putting in the work to get myself on track. Reading stuff like this is always helpful.
    Chris recently posted..Canadian Spotlight: Elizabeth Manley

  6. It wasn’t until I stopped being active that I realized how all my activities kept me in shape. I used to swim and dance multiple times a week. Once I got to University, I became sedentary. It was all downhill 🙁

    Staying fit and healthy is a lot of hard work. It definitely pays off. But you’re right, you need to see your own power and take action!
    Wendy [mapsgirl] recently posted..yes, I let my 7 year old go to camp, so what?

  7. Amen Ashley! To it all. I have been on a similiar journey and it is no longer about the desitination but has become a lifestyle. One that I would not trade for the ability to eat crap and still be thin. I know how awful I would feel because of the junk going in!
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