Shiny Love

Last month when we went to Victoria I noticed some beautiful jewellery made by one of the vendors at the BC Ferries Terminal.  I am a girl through and through, and when it comes to things that sparkle I am captivated (related: after my engagement ring was re-sized after Corey asked me to marry him, I went to the jewellers at the mall to pick it up.  I was so taken with the “Ooooo Shiny” that I walked directly into the exit doors.  Face first.).  One set in particular caught my eye, I looked at it for a few minutes, talked with our girls (who take after me in the shiny department) about how much I loved it and we carried on.

A few weeks later, when my parents borrowed the girls for a few nights Corey came downstairs to start our date weekend with a little bag, a card and a big grin.

He bought the necklace and earrings.  Apparently while I thought he was buying another pair of cheap sunglasses from a different vendor he went back to see the jewellery lady. Not because I asked him to, not because it was a birthday or anniversary but because he wanted to, because he loves me.

Then to ice the cake, he did one of the things Corey does best – he bought the perfect card, wrote the exact words I needed to hear in it and once again he made me cry.

Are all our days perfect?  No.  Is our marriage simple and easy?  No.  Does it take presents and cards to make me see he’s the “One” for me?  Not at all.

It’s in the moments when I look up into those eyes and see the love that shines so much brighter than my earrings.  When he draws me close and promises “It’ll be ok”, he swings our girls up in a welcome home hug or when I hear the “I love you’s” that I know, he’s my One, and my only and I couldn’t imagine facing this life without him.

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