When we had daughters I knew the day would come when “boys” would be the topic of discussion around the table.  Corey and I talked about the days they would want to go out on dates, to school dances and one day their weddings (lets face it we’re going to have to start saving now).

We talked about it, and thought about it and saw it as a far off event.  They were babies, in diapers it wouldn’t happen for 15 years or so.

This theory apparently is doomed to follow suit with all the other 482 ideas we had about raising children that were see through HUGE rose colored glasses.  You see, we thought about when they would take notice of boys…nobody ever told me that I’d have to worry about when boys would notice them.

Bethany has been in Kindergarten for a month and it’s already clear there are a few of her male classmates that have taken notice of her.  One boy insists on saying hello each day with his face 2.4cm from hers and grinning a toothless grin, while another stares at her everywhere she goes, the kicker goes to her biggest admirer Little L.

He’s such a nice little guy, a sweet well-mannered boy with nice parents and good behaviour.  He’s taken the biggest liking to my Bethany and he’s not shy about it.  Last week when Audrey and I were at school for the Terry Fox run Little L came directly up to me and announced, “Bethany is my very favourite school friend!”  I smiled and told him how great that was to know and how special it is for her to be making new friends.  I then asked about how he liked school and what part of each day was his favourite.  He misunderstood a little what I’d asked thinking I wanted to know what weekday was his favourite.  “Oh, Mondays are def-natly my favourite because then I get to see Bethany again.  I don’t see her all weekend you know!”.  We said a few other things and then off he went to run around the field yet again.

I smiled, it was sweet and made my heart warm.

The end of the day rolled around and as I stood outside her classroom talking to her teacher Little L came running over and posed this question to Bethany, “Hey Bethany.  Do you want to have a sleepover sometime?  Maybe at your house?  You know I’ll come to your house and sleep.”

My stomach hit the floor, at least before the teacher and I had to swallow the giggles that welled up in us both.  His question was innocent.  He sincerely meant he wanted to hang with her outside the school setting and then once they’d finished hanging out they’d go to sleep.  I knew that and I had to just bite my tongue when Bethany answered “Sure, I think we could find a place to stick you” but it sent my mind whirling away to the future.

As I regaled Corey with the story of Little L that evening I realized how fast time has flown by.  Gone are the days of diapers and potty training, the first day of school is over and apparently we’re only a hop, skip and a jump away from the days of boys, and sex talks and dating….and the purchase of a seriously heavy duty chastity belt and glue on warts.

2 thoughts on “Crushed

  1. Glue on warts? Fabulous idea. Can I get some for my boys too?

    I am not ready! And Jack is 11. It's literally around the corner.

    *head in sand*

  2. That is too funny! I have two girls 13 & 16 and the youngest is 5’8″ so she is getting a lot of attention… I am not ready for this and truth be told, either is she…thankfully. She is just concentrated on being the best soccer and volleyball player that she can be. Thanks for sharing.

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