Happy people aren’t thankful…

“Happy people aren’t thankful,
thankful people are happy”

I read that quote on Facebook this morning and thought, “Wow!  Isn’t that the truth.”  At least it’s the truth for me.

When life is hard I spend hours in prayer.  I’m searching my Bible desperate for comfort, reassurance and with a need to draw myself closer to my Saviour.  I beg God for mercy, guidance, protection, answers and while there is always a measure of gratitude to those prayers they are littered with my fears, desires and needs.

When things are going good.  When those prayers are answered, sometimes even before the words are sent heavenward I am over joyed, I’m happy and I’m often times ungrateful.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALWAYS thankful for the things in life we’ve been given but I very often forget to say so.  My time in prayer may be shorter, the craving for my Bible less and my relationship with Christ settled in the place of complacency.

This past year in particular has really taught me a lot of lessons when it comes to the “thankful department”.  I have taken some pretty heavy things to the feet of Jesus this year, things that some days weigh so heavily on my shoulders that the idea of getting up out of bed feels too hard.  I’ve spent countless hours crying out to Him,  searching for Him and waiting for answers to those prayers to come.  This year, unbelievably even more than last, has felt incredibly hard.  Without a doubt this year has been the hardest year I have had, ever and it isn’t even over yet.  Answers to all my pleas haven’t been received yet and uncertainty feels overwhelming.

And yet, this year more than any other I am thankful.  I am joyful.  I am even happy.

God has shown Himself in so many huge, overwhelming ways this year and has taken me on such an incredible spiritual journey.   In the moments that seem the darkest, in the times that have felt the hardest, facing things I’d have sworn to you would have crippled me I’ve found strength.  It certainly hasn’t been strength of my own, it’s been deep, powerful and the kind of thing that can only come from above.

Looking back on the year not only can I see where God has been working but where He’s been moving through so many of you.  It’s been in the Facebook messages, phone calls, emails, words of wisdom, some of humour, text messages and silent prayers that God has given me, given us the greatest things to be thankful for.

This Thanksgiving in addition to all the “usual” things we have to be thankful for, we are thankful for you.  The friends who have been God’s tools and our support.

If you’re not sure if that quote is really true, take a look at our family.  Thankful people really are happy.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends & Family!

6 thoughts on “Happy people aren’t thankful…

  1. What a lovely post of Thanksgiving. I, too, have prayed and begged God to show himself in my life. Many times he has shown me that I am not alone

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It’s only through Jesus that I’ve been able to see what true thankfullness is. It’s amazing how life’s challenges and pain can shift our perspective but as we walk or crawl through these valleys if we seek our Father’s strength how beautiful the view from the top of the peak can look.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…
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