Laughter – it’s medicine, doncha know!

It feels like I’m posting a lot of heavy stuff around here these days.  Actually it feels like I’m carrying a lot of heavy stuff around these days too.

I am, and we are but there’s a lighter side to it all too.  It’s not all sad and gloomy here, in fact there are many, MANY moments of joy and laughter happening around here all the time.  It’s impossible not to laugh when you have children, especially when you have the children I have, with the beautiful spirits God’s given them…

We don’t give our kids tons of processed sugar or store bought/made treats.  I do my best to bake most of their treats and we watch carefully how much “garbage” they consume.  It matters to us the way they grow up, the foods that they eat and the habits that we are creating.  That being said, we also know that the key to success in any portion of life is knowledge and moderation, not totalitarianism and restriction.  So, when they do have a treat, like a Tim Horton’s donut they always have to share it or save half & we talk about why it’s a treat not a staple in our days.  I love these two photos of the girls on their respective “Mommy Dates” because they both were allowed to have a whole donut (they both decided without being asked to save half so they “didn’t feel yucky” after) and they both made the funniest faces when I went to take the photo.  Sugar high maybe?


Audrey was given this pony pillow a few years ago and he’s been a favourite.  Both girls have one and they live in our living room, they’re perfect for rainy day movie snuggles or sick day couch beds.  A few weeks ago while playing with my Mom, Audrey announced that her pony had a new name…

Everybody meet “Horny”


Bethany while praying the other night : “And God, how DID you make us? With drills? Hammers? Screw drivers? A wrench? or maybe just…your hands? How did you do it God? And Jesus, I love you with my WHOLE heart” 


Audrey singing: “Twinkle, Twinkle little tar, how I wonder what you are. Like a diamond in the store…”

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