Lessons and LEGO!

Picking up the mail is quickly becoming one of Bethany and Audrey’s favourite errands.  While most days they are both thrilled to get the junk mail (it’s their “office work”) they’ve also discovered that good things also come hidden in the box at the post office.

Last week our mailbox held not one but 2 great parcel cards!  The first a sweet surprise we’ll tell you all about later this week, the second a great big, huge box of mystery.  Knowing what was hidden inside I told the girls they had to wait until we got home to see what it was.  I’ve never seen them buckle up so fast!

As one of the new Lego Duplo Play Agents we found a vast array of treasures sent out from the generous crew at Lego for our learning and creating pleasure!  The girls (and Corey) could hardly believe their eyes and I unearthed the LEGO DUPLO Large Brick Box, Bricks & Books and Play with Letters.  I could hear the wheels turning as they headed into the living room to try everything out.

We’re a LEGO house around here.  Our girls have always loved building with block and waiting for them to “grow into” in our master bedroom there’s a larg box of small LEGO that Corey has had since he was a boy.  While the girls still played with some larger, toddler style building blocks we have, I was starting to see they were ready for a new challenge.  They weren’t quite ready for the smaller Lego blocks upstairs, at least not on their own and I wasn’t sure which avenue to pursue.

Then this LEGO DUPLO arrived and I found, it was what we were missing.

I’ve loved watching the girls learn how to work with the smaller blocks, spelling words with the letters and hearing the thoughts in their heads come out in their play.   I’ve had a lot of fun with the Lego Duplo too!  Twice now I’ve spent the better part of an hour on the floor with our girls helping them build a “My Store” stand for their pets.  Teaching them about structural strength and learning a few things myself.

The thing that surprised and pleased me the most was watching Bethany work with the LEGO DUPLO Bricks and Books set.  We received the Let’s Go! VROOM!  Set and as she flipped through the pages she quickly constructed Penny’s plane and Racer Joe’s car.  It’s the first time she’s independently taken something on herself and all of a sudden I realized how quickly she’s growing up.  I love that the book tells a great story and that it’s images are simple enough for the girls to understand on their own.  One of the most important things we can do for our kids as they grow up is foster their independence and play sets that are created with kids (and their abilities) in mind, are valuable life tools!

I (we) am so excited to be able to work with LEGO on this amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to watch as our girls grow and learn in such an endless world of creativity!

“Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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