Halloween & Rice Krispies

With Halloween only a day a way I thought I’d share with you a little adventure Bethany, Audrey and I took last week.  Our friends over at Kelloggs sent us a fantastic package filled with Rice Krispies, Marshmallows, cookie cutters, icing and candies, giving us all the equipment we’d need to create some delicious and kid friendly treats!

As the girls get older they love more and move to help in the kitchen and I love projects that allow me to give them the freedom they so desire when it comes to baking.  Audrey helped measure the Rice Krispies, Bethany helped with the butter, they both counted the marshmallows (which we were 1 short on…because Audrey ate it) and then Bethany stood at the stove carefully stirring.

Once you’ve made your yummy Rice Krispies treat mix it’s time to use your cookie cutters (I found it best to spray the cookie cutters with non-stick kitchen spray first to avoid any stick messes), your icing and your imagination.

The girls LOVED it.  We spent an hour in the kitchen as they carefully shaped and decorated their treats!  They couldn’t wait for Corey to get home to offer him one of their creations and to try one themselves.

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or a rainy Saturday afternoon, I highly recommend you try your hand at some fancy and fun Rice Krispies Treats!  Find all the inspiration you need over at RiceKrispies.ca

Disclaimer: I received the Rice Krispies Gift Pack as part of the Kelloggers Network.  Opinions and views are my own and treats were enjoyed by members of Our Family Stone.


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  1. Rice Krispies were consumed in a few ways around our house. In cereal bowls and often Rice Krispies Squares. I never thought of cookie cutters. Looks like an amazing and fun day!!!!

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