Kinder Surprise – 2013!

Last week I mentioned that stopping at the post office was quickly becoming one of Bethany & Audrey’s favourite things.  They can’t wait to see what’s hiding inside that “magical” box and both squeal in delight at the sight of the illusive “Parcel” card.

The newest surprise waiting behind our parcel cards was a Kinder Surprise!  That’s right, once again the Our Family Stone clan have the privilege of being a part of the KinderMom program and we couldn’t be more excited!

Over the past few years we’ve really seen the joy that can come from opening a Kinder Surprise egg and finding what’s inside.  Our girls have learned that not only are Kinders great for having and enjoying yourself, they are a wonderful thing to share with your friends.  Watching them share a Kinder Surprise with a friend and listening to the giggles that come along with it warms my heart.  Not only is Kinder giving us the opportunity to take time to play together, they’re also giving us such a great open door to teach our children the joy of sharing with others.

We are so excited to tell you that Kinder is launching their 2013 toy collection and it’s looking like a fantastic bunch of fun!  There are Soft Tummies, Bouncing Monsters, Combo Cars, Ciao Rings and Dino Age toys being hidden amongst the chocolaty goodness just waiting to surprise your special someone!  While we have yet to see all the great new toys the ones we have seen are awesome!  Audrey unearthed a soft tummy little critter the other day and promptly fell in love with him.

In case you don’t remember, or didn’t know Kinder Surprise Eggs are made from high quality cocoa, real sugar and have that white milky inside, with a silver lining of being peanut free!  That makes them not only a healthier treat option but safe to take to school!

Check out the Kinder Surprise Facebook page for lots of contests, prizes and Giveaways!  And stay tuned here there will be more prizes and surprises to share in the months to come!


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  1. What is the animal she is holding? we got the same one today and can’t figure out what it is.

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