Once Upon a Time….we went to Kelowna

Two weeks ago we took a break.  We loaded up Corey’s work truck (Thank you Mr. B for lending it to us!!), packed up our kids and headed home, to Kelowna for the weekend.  It looked like this…

Beautiful snow on the drive in

Sister snuggles in the hide-a-bed (that was ALL springs)

We went to dinner in a strange restaurant (THIS is why I don’t drink alcohol)

We celebrated birthdays with Rocky and Bull Winkle (aka Grandpa Bert & Uncle Scott)

Day dreamed of this…

Snow in the morning.

And got snuggles from very, VERY special people who we miss so very much.

It’s always good to go “home”.  We needed the snuggles, the hugs and the laughter and the time.  And it’s always good to come back to our home & our family here.

ps. While I know I need to pull out my real camera that I take everywhere, I sure am thankful for the moments I catch with my iPhone camera.

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