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“B-A-T…BAT!  Mom, that spell BAT!”  It’s not an uncommon thing to hear around these parts these days.  Bethany is learning to sound out letters/words both to read them as well as to print them and I LOVE it!  Books are my other world, my stress relief, where my faith is supported and one of my most very favourite things. 

Seeing the budding of our future reader does this bookworm’s heart good and I can’t wait for the day that we sit down to story time and she’s the one reading the story.  Often times I think we take for granted our ability to read cereal box or write a thank you card.  For most of us it’s been a part of who we are for so long we can’t remember or imagine not being able to read.

Yet around the globe, around our country there are so many children and adults who know nothing of the joy of reading.   Whatever the cause, it makes me sad.  The thought that there is a child who can’t discover the wonders of “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe” or a parent who can’t read their little one a story at night, makes me want to cry.  Nobody, anywhere should have to face this life without the ability to read!

The TD Bank Group feels the same way and that’s why they support several “flagship children’s literacy programs and literature awards  in Canada to encourage reading and the distribution of books to children”!  I love it!  They’re doing their part to make a difference in the lives of children around Canada, and here’s how:

TD Canadian Children’s Book Week: For the past 13 years TD has been the presenting sponsor exciting program that brings together 40 children’s authors, illustrators and story tellers in a tour around Canada.  For 32 years the participants of this program and the people who support it touch more than 50,000 kids in incredible reading activities.  Each Spring, schools, public libraries, bookstores and communities are encouraged to join Book Week and host their own literacy programs!  This year’s Book Week is set for May 4-11 2013 and I must say I’m SUPER EXCITED!

TD Canadian Children’s Literature Awards:  TD partners with the Canadian Children’s Book Centre to award children’s authors/illustrators with $25,000 prizes to both support and encourage the works they’re doing for our children.  As one of the largest awards amongst children’s authors, TD along with their CBC partners is excited by the several million media impressions these awards receive.

TD Summer Reading Tents: This program from Frontier college sets up reading tents around Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, and Vancouver during the summer months in areas where libraries aren’t close enough or the community is at high risk.  Manned by university students more than 10,000 children and their families attend these tents each year receiving valuable opportunities in literature and their own copy of the Grade One Book Giveaway.


TD Summer Reading Club: Thanks to this program each year more than 580,000 children, will participate in reading programs reading more than 2.4 million books (!!) in the summer!  The annual theme along with the programs great diversity inspires children to discover the exciting world of reading.  Partnering with the CNIB this program allows children with visual loss/imparment to participate completely in the program, making sure no child is left behind.  This program has been running for more than 15 years in all the Canadian provinces (excluding NB and BC)  and is supported by children’s activity kits, posters and an exciting online website  The program received  new enhancements this past 2012 summer season which included a pilot teen program in Toronto.

TD Grade One Book Giveaway:  Along with their partners the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, TD funds the largest free book distribution program for school aged children in Canada!  When November rolls around students around the country in Grade 1 receive a book free, compliments of TD.  Last year’s book Gifts was handed out to more than 570,000 children in this wonderful program that’s supported by a national author-illustrator reading tour, as well as the hundreds of employees part of the large task of distributing the books to schools across the country.  This year students in Grade One will be receiving or have already received the book I’ve lost my Cat!

I love that TD is taking it upon themselves to make a difference.  So many times we see a need and think “Boy, somebody needs to change it” and nothing happens.  Thanks to TD and some of their wonderful partners, that’s not the case.  They saw a need and thought, “Hey, somebody needs to change it…and that somebody is us!”

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