TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award Winner!

Remember a few weeks ago when I shared with you about TD’s Literature Awards and all the fantastic things they’re doing to promote literacy in Canada?

I love that TD doesn’t just focus giving children a passion for reading but that they also support the authors whose work inspires those children to become something great!

This year’s winner of TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award (of $30,000!) is…

Stones for my Father

Written by Trilby Kent (London, UK)
Tundra Books
for ages 11 -14

A riveting book about the Anglo-Boer war at the turn of the last century and Canada’s place in it… Kent draws her characters and the landscape around them in penetrating prose…Today’s children will develop heartfelt admiration and respect for Corlie Rioux. Though this young heroine struggles with the loss of parental love, a special friendship, and her home, she holds steadfast, brave, and true and emerges a survivor… At times raw, but always gripping, this novel packs an emotional punch.”

While I have yet to read this award-winning book I trust that the jury members who selected it have once again made a wise decision!  Please keep in mind that the winning book must meet the following criteria to be considered:

– Must be first published in Canada
– Must be published from January to December of the year previous
– They can’t have been previously published
– Any genre of book written for ages 0 -12 years old will be considered
– Both the author and they’re illustrator must be either Canadian residents or Landed immigrants
– Submissions must be original works
– Books based on songs are not eligible
– Self-published books are eligible for consideration (if they are published in Canada, by a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, and have a valid ISBN)

This prestigious award isn’t easily won and the jury panel members had what I can only imagine was a difficult task of selecting the right winner.

Congratulations to Trilby Kent and all those who worked onStone for my Father with him!  We can’t wait to get a chance to read it and once again thank you to the TD Bank Group for all that you’re doing to support literacy in Canada!

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