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Ok, so I want to know – am I the only one who feels like sometimes they get stuck in the “dinner rut”?  I have about 8-10 meals that are my stand-by meals and it seems like so often I forget there are other foods available.  I’m not sure if it began when my food allergies got bad or if it’s because I often worry our girls won’t like a new meal but whatever the case, many times I’m left feeling uninspired and frustrated.

Then, I’ll get a moment of inspiration grab something new at the grocery store!  I’ll come home to try it and one of two things will happen it’ll either be “now I bought it, I have no idea what to make it with, help, someone?!” or  “I just invented this recipe and it’s AWESOME and I need to tell someone about it quick!”

The great people over at Kraft Canada have come to the rescue and have provided us, your avid opinionated, home chef with a solution.  Entering stage left is…

Kraft First Taste –  An online community created just for us food lovers!  It’s a place where you can try new products, test out new recipes and then tell everyone all about it.  Great, right?  I mean good food and great recipes should never be a secret!

When you join this excellent online community you’re instantly given the opportunity to find and then share food ideas, have fun with culinary challenges all while enjoying exclusive offers and extra savings.  The icing on the already delicious cake is that as you interact and participate you earn badges and can redeem points for some great rewards!

So come on over and join me!  Sign up for Kraft First Taste – HERE!

Hang on!  Wait!  Before you go there’s something else you should know!

Kraft is also making dinner time even easier with their Kraft Recipes by Email program!  Now you can sign up to receive emails from Kraft with great food ideas, special offers and helpful tips.  I love that they’ve got all my meal bases covered.  My email comes to my smart phone and whether I’m home or out I can take a look.  The recipes are easily at my finger tips making picking up last-minute grocery items a breeze and dinner delish!

From new products to kid friendly lunches and dinner to dessert, Kraft Canada’s got all our meal solutions covered!

6 thoughts on “Kraft Canada – They know What’s Cooking!

  1. Since my maternity leave started I've totally gotten so much better at figuring out more dinner options. However, I still get stuck every so often and feel like I'm in a bottomless rut. I hate it! My standard go to meal is homemade tomato sauce with meatballs and a side of kale and chick peas. It sounds like a bunch of work but whips up fast, smells delicious and I make extra sauce for another day.
    Mama in the City recently posted..A Little Bit Of Bubbly!

  2. I'm like you – I make the same ol same ol a lot. 🙂 And on days when my hubby is out, then I get really lazy with the cooking, because chances are my daughters won't eat much so why bother cooking much. 🙂 I keep thinking I should start some meal planning… maybe this would help!
    Bonnie Way recently posted..The Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookie

  3. Like you there are days that I like to cook(and have the time) and others that I resort to my top 10! Since becoming Gluten free, I find it harder and harder and tend to stick with a certain few! I love Kraft and use to get there mag when I was at my old house. Since moving, I haven't received one! I need to start using the website! Thanks for the reminder!
    @Mommy_Jennof3 recently posted..Wordless Wednesday ~ O’ Christmas Tree

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