Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy to the Rescue!

If you follow me on Facebook then you’ll know that November was a lousy month in the “hair” department around this house.   Bethany wound up with head lice from school (a story for another day, let’s just say though it was traumatic.  For me), I suffered from itchy scalp something that’s wasn’t uncommon for me, but due to the head lice thing left me paranoid and Corey checking my head 82 times a day and to top it off my hair started to feel dry, brittle…and old.

Over the years I’ve tried MANY different types of hair care.  Expensive salon hair products, cheap drugstore ones, natural ones and just about everything in between.   Many of them have had qualities I’ve liked, but none of them, really truly none of them have done it all.

Some made my hair shiny, others made it soft, some helped with fly aways and others gave me volume.  I couldn’t find any that did it all and NONE of them did anything for my scalp.  My on and off itchy scalp persisted and I always felt like there was just something missing.


Then I discovered Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy‘s line of shampoos and conditioners.  After using their Clear Strong Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner for a little over a week I was AMAZED at the changes!

I no longer had an itchy scalp!  I’m not even kidding, the subconscious scratching had stopped and Corey was no longer backed into a corner with a flashlight in his face being begged to “Check one more time.  Please CHECK IT ONE MORE TIME!”.  The changes were completely noticeable and I was sold!

I still had a bit of dandruff left over so I used Corey’s Clear Dry Scalp Hydration 2 in 1 only once, left it on about 5 minutes and voila – no more dandruff!

By that point we were already sold on the Clear hair care line.  Their claim that their product “Feeds Scalp & Gives Stronger more Beautiful Hair in 7 days” seemed to us to be true.

Then, the hair care cake was iced.  November also saw Bethany get the worst skin virus ever.  She had a horrible itchy rash for almost 2 weeks, she was sick and when the rash began to disappear she was left with flaking, peeling skin from top to bottom, including her scalp.

Each morning when I brushed her hair I had to fight the panic, her hair was filled with white flakes and while I knew they were dandruff/dry skin as a result of her virus I couldn’t help but be fearful.  We tried for a few weeks to leave it alone, hoping the dryness would go away but it didn’t.  Out of desperation on Christmas Eve I had Corey go and get his Clear Dry Scalp Hydration 2 in 1 and use it on B.

It took about a 10 days but slowly, as time passed we started to see the dandruff disappear.  Her scalp seemed to be healing and I’m over the moon!  It’s all cleared up now and she can return to school, (doused in tea tree oil, covered in hair spray to keep the lice out mind you) scalp issue free.

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy products have been a wonderful discovery for our family!  It’s a product that works, is found in most retailers (I’ve purchased at both WalMart and Shopper’s Drug Mart) and is in an affordable price range!

If you’re looking for a hair products that care for your hair from the scalp down then I absolutely recommend you try Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy!  They get the Our Family Stone – 4 pebble stamp of approval!

Disclosure: I received products to sample for this review.  The opinions on this blog are my own and are honest & factual. 

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