She’s never going back – EVER

I’ve decided I don’t want to send Bethany back to school on Monday.  I’m going to keep her at home, with me – forever!


Coming into the Christmas holidays life around this house was chaotic!  Between my baking business being swamped, my regular office job, school, school productions, doctors appointments, Corey’s job, groceries, laundry and everyday life stuff I felt like I was on this crazy, stupid merry-go-round and nobody was letting me off.

I was excited for the school holiday break, I mean I wanted Bethany home but at that point I kind of thought the best part would be not having to coral two kids and their crap out the door each morning at 8am.


The thing is, the whole not coraling thing has been nice and all but it really wasn’t the best part of these past two weeks.   Up until two weeks ago I had no idea how much I had really missed by BIG little girl.  I had been so caught up in the craziness of life that I’d completely missed the need to cherish the time I did have with her after school and in the mornings as we neared the Christmas break.

These past two weeks have felt like this major refresh around here.  I’ve been able to spend time just hanging out with my girls.  Better yet, we’ve spent time hanging out as a family!  We’ve watched movies, played games, gone out and done…stuff, it’s been amazing!


On top of that we’ve seen a HUGE change in our big girl too!  As the days have worn on we’ve watched the attitude, the moodiness and the exhaustion slowly melt away from our Bethany.  I think she needed this break and this time together as much as I did.

Learning to adapt to all day Kindergarten is hard. It’s hard on the family, but mostly it’s hard on the little person doing the adapting.  September to December was emotionally challenging for Bethany.  Not only was she having to adjust to the whole “all day” school bit but she (we) was having to learn to cope with some anxiety issues, over school, friends and primarily everything we’ve faced with Audrey these past few years.

All of those things combined with the fact that she had one cold after another and capped off with a really ugly virus had left her one tired little SweetPea.  She needed a break, she needed her family and we have needed her.


It’s been great and while I know that “All good things must come to an end”, I’d just like to say I don’t want them to.  If I had my way, all good things would stay good things and Bethany wouldn’t be too far away from us ever again.

However, I also want her to grow into a strong, confident, intelligent woman and I am only capable of imparting a limited version of what she needs to accomplish that here.   Sooooo, Monday morning will come, we’ll get up early (nothing new for me 5am remained my holiday norm), we’ll go through the motions, we’ll run like mad people and we’ll head off to school.

The majority of life will resume as it was (with a few smatterings of change in the mix) and it will be our new good, but let me tell you this.  I’m going to do my best to learn a less from this Christmas break, I’m going to try to dive into and hold tight to the time I have with each of our beautiful girls.


More and more each day I’m aware of how fleeting each moment is and I don’t ever, EVER want to look back and think, “where was I, how did I miss that!”  We’ll figure it out, it will be fine….and if it’s not, Spring Break is only 64 sleeps away!

2 thoughts on “She’s never going back – EVER

  1. I still miss the days of you and Dustin at home. That never goes away. Spending the time with the girls that you do is fun for me to watch. All the projects and fun things that come from it is awesome. Know I love you so much Honey. You are a wonderful Mom and Corey is a wonderful Dad. Hugs … wish you were small enough to take on my knee tonight , snuggle and read you a story. Miss those days. Love always Mom

  2. I was going to leave a comment and then read your mom's comment and now I've forgotten what I was going to say. Such a lovely note from your mom:)

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