A Friday Surprise – with Kinder, Barbie & Hot Wheels!

So…my plan to keep Bethany home forever was a flop.  Monday did arrive and I did (although with a slightly begrudging heart) return her to school.  We quickly slipped back into the routine of school and before I knew it Friday was here.

Bethany did great but by Thursday evening we were all feeling a little blah.  The week had felt long and Friday just felt like it was going to drag on FOREVER.  Then I had an idea!

We had just that day received an exciting package in the mail and what better way to brighten up Friday not only for us, but for all of her school mates than to share the contents of our super package?!

3 guesses as to what was in the package…

Alright, so by now you probably don’t need 3 guesses to know what was inside the package, but it’s exciting none the less!

Kinder Barbie

Kinder Canada has launched a new line of Kinder Toys and they are awesome!  Barbie and Hot Wheels have hopped on board to make the toys inside your child’s favourite treat that much more exciting!

Friday, armed with 12 Barbie Kinders and 12 Hot Wheels Kinders Audrey and I prepared to surprise Bethany’s class!  5 minutes before the end of the day bell rang we crept into the class and chaos broke out.  Kids were running all over and I heard whispers of “Look what Bethany’s Mom HAS!” and “IT’S KINDER SURPRISE!”.  I even had one boy from another class and grade walk into the class, come over, say “Hi” and proceed to stare at me, as though by magic he’d get one too.

As the kids settled, and we began to pass them out I was amazed once again at the difference between the way boys act and the way girls do.  All the little girls sat primly on the floor, eyes wide, hands clasped waiting to get their treat.  The boys on the other hand were vibrating, bouncing up and down with their hands outstretched just itching to get their hands on the goods inside the egg.

I love getting to these fantastic treats with the people in our lives.  Everybody loves a Kinder Surprise and with these new toys, it’s made them even more exciting!

Now, I have great news for you!  Kinder Canada is giving away 40 Kinder Barbie Hot Wheels Prize packs on their Facebook page over the next 4 weeks!  (The contest began Jan 10th) All you have to do is “Like” their page, (which I’m sure you already do) and follow the instructions on how to enter.

It’s really that easy!

Keep an eye on both the Kinder Canada Facebook Page and Our Family Stone’s Facebook page as we’ll be doing our best to keep you “in the loop” on all the contest excellence!

Don’t worry if you don’t win or don’t want to wait.  I’ve seen the Kinder Barbie and Hot Wheels eggs popping up in our local WalMarts and if they’re not already in one near you, I’m sure they will be soon!

Good Luck, have fun and happy playing!

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.