Finding Grace in Small Things – #8

Ice Cream Face

5. Sunday treat afternoon – a trip to Dairy Queen (for them), a trip to Starbucks (for me!) and an ice cream face to top it off.

4.  The girls being old enough to learn the lyrics to some awesome (grown-up) songs and being able to sing (shout) along together while driving down the road.


3. Little girls’ giggles.

2. New workouts that leave you dripping sweat, hurting in new places and feeling like a rockstar*!

God's Shadow

1. The moment when driving down the road, on a particularly stressful day when Bethany shouts out – “I see God’s Shadow!  There! In the sky!”   In the eyes of a child, we’re reminded that God is never, ever far away.


*Just because I feel like a rockstar does not mean I see myself as a rockstar.  This I do not. (my inner geek and her pocket protector kinda kill the image)