Lego Duplo – It’s a Party!

Lego Duplo Invite

Over the past few months we have come to a unanimous decision around here – the people at Lego Duplo are AWESOME!  I mean Corey already thought that Lego was a pretty sweet invention already but Lego Duplo has sealed the deal on our love of the product and our loyalty to the brand.

Lego Party 7

This month was no different.  It all started when we heard that Lego Duplo was launching 3 (THREE!) new Toddler Products!  The slightly larger blocks are easier for little hands to hold, with some new themes, great colors and the same incredible Lego Duplo quality they were bound to be a hit.

To celebrate this exciting launch we hosted our first ever (and certainly not our last) Lego Duplo party!  What better way to play with our fun new toys than to invite over some kids and get our build on.

Lego Party 5

The kids at our party ranged in age from 10 months to 6+ years old and as I expected they all loved the blocks!  The new sets have some really sweet characters including a little teddy bear that has quickly become Audrey’s favourite.  Of all the new and exciting things found in the playsets the Lego Duplo Toddler Build and Pull Along set was the biggest hit.   There’s something SO fun about being able to build your creation onto of wheels and then watch as it gets pulled all over the house!

Lego Party 6

The other great thing about these new toddler products is that they work very easily with all the other Lego Duplo blocks we have!  No need to worry about having a separate bin for all the Toddler Toys, now your big and little kids can play together.   It’s not very often that you come across a brand that creates their playsets with everyone in the family in mind.

Lego Party 3

Just imagine, it’s Christmas morning (I know it’s months away but work with me here, use your imagination just a little!) you’re older child opens their gift to find a Lego Duplo Number Train and as she’s excitedly tearing into the package, your younger child opens theirs to find the Lego Duplo Toddler Build and Pull Set!  They each begin building and creating with their new toys and before you know it they’ve added their Lego Duplo Brick Box to the mix and are playing together happily on the floor, while you and your husband sit blissfully sipping tea and enjoying the euphoria of their love for each other.

It’ll be magic! (At least for a little while…)

The party was a great success!  The kids had a blast, the new toys were a hit, goodie bags were given and laughter was heard.  Lego Duplo has once again made fantastic products and I’m SO very happy to have the chance to share the playing experience with our friends and all of you!

Lego Party 4

Disclosure: I am a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.