Gone doesn’t mean forgotten

On February 6th 2013 Corey’s Grandma lost her battle with cancer.   Nobody wants to lose someone they love, nobody wants to say goodbye and but nobody wanted to watch her suffer the way she was suffering.  It was a sad day.

These past few days Corey and I spent in the interior with his family.  Loving them, spending time with them and on Wednesday, bonding together with them to remember Grandma Hobbs….


When I think of Grandma Hobbs I’m instantly taken back 7 years, back to the very first time Corey brought me flowers.  It was only a few dates into our relationship and Corey was due to pick me up in a matter of minutes.  As I rushed around putting the finishing touches on my outfit (read: getting changed for the 8th time and hiding the mess in my closet) I heard a knock at the door.  There, standing in the sunshine of my front door was Corey, his handsome face lit up with a radiant smile and in his hands the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I’d ever seen.

As I filled the vase with water he proudly announced that the flowers were from his Grandma Hobbs garden.  “It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.  She can grow anything, it’s amazing, you just have to see it!”  And I did.

Shortly after we left my house we landed at Grandma & Grandpa Hobbs home.  Corey knocked on the door and as he made the round of introductions I couldn’t help but be caught up in the people I was meeting.  His Grandpa with his soft heart and enchanting English accent, and his Grandma full of life, and smiles and a little bit of mischief, I could tell.

That day began so many things for me, it’s burned so permanently in my mind, the walk through her garden which truly was as beautiful as Corey had said, the stories and the laughter.  It was the day Corey gave me the most beautiful flowers I have ever received, ones that compare to none that I had ever received or that I ever will receive.  It was the day I met two of the sweetest hearts of his family and it was the day I knew that I was right – God had given me a wonderful man.

G & G Hobbs

There have been many memories of Grandma Hobbs since that day.  The day Corey asked me to marry him – it was her kitchen we landed in first.  Bridal dress fittings, baby showers, visits and laughs.  Grandma was never without a joke or a pinch on the bum for one of us.  She loved our girls and our girls truly loved her back.

She loved Corey and he, loved her hard in return.  She showed love, she was loved and now she’ll be missed.


Hug your family tight today.  Remember that the little things really are small – let them go.  Cherish the moments whether you have 1 or 5 million of them left to have, don’t waste even one because one day you’ll want nothing more than to have them all back.  Love hard and let people love you back – because if we can leave nothing else behind in this life we can leave love and Grandma Hobbs most definitely left us all so very loved.


4 thoughts on “Gone doesn’t mean forgotten

  1. That is the most heart warming letter, you always have just the right words to say. Thank you so much for being such a loving daughter-in-law. In my heart, you are so much more than that, I love you all so much. Love and blessing to you, Ashley.

  2. This is beautiful! Corey was lucky to hzve her and how great that you got to enjoy some of that love too. I have similiar memories of Jay’s grandparents when we first met. They are what I hope to be like when we are that age 🙂

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