The Brotherhood (with a few Sistas)

“Brothers don’t necessarily have to say anything to each other- they can sit in a room and be together and just be completely comfortable with each other. “
~ Leonardo Dicaprio


I stumbled across this quote this morning and had to laugh.  It’s SO true!  My sister-in-law, Chelsea and I joke all the time that Corey and his brother Scott are happy to just sit in a room and breathe the same air.  She and I posses the ability to talk the ears off an elephant, there’s rarely a moment of silence when we’re together and if there is, it’s usually because we’re laughing so hard no sound is coming out.  It’s how we roll.

(This is the first official photo of us together in 6 years, I couldn’t leave it out)

Scott and Corey on the other hand, sit there, staring at each other, the floor or the tv completely satisfied with having spent 3 days in the same room, breathing the same air.

It’s weird – but for them it works.

They aren’t really the “visiting” types there just aren’t enough words for them to say.  That being said, they are the “doing” types.  Actually, that’s how it is with ALL of Corey’s brothers.  They love being outside in the mud with their trucks getting stuck and stuff (because, well they…oh I have no blasted idea why but they do), shooting stuff with paintball guns or tinkering under the hood of a vehicle.  It’s how they roll, and I love it!


This past week when we were up in Kelowna to say goodbye to Corey’s Grandma we had the opportunity to spend some time with those brothers.  It was so good to see them all, and Corey soaked up every second of it.


Ok, so I did too.  7 years has seen so many changes in our family and each time we see them I’m amazed at how those changes have happened.  The little boys who once were are no longer, now as we sit across a table with them I’m looking into the faces of grown men.  Men that we are SO proud of!

Brothers Silly

As it is with any two (or 4) people they’re so dramatically different, but as I sit and I watch them I see so many things that are the same, the ways each one of them holds pieces to the same puzzle, parts of the same heart.   In Wyatt I see Corey’s tender heart, in Travis his quick, warm, easy smile, in Scott so many things from the gift of the mechanical tinker to bond that runs so deep and tight.   Who they are is unique, who they are is theirs, but the puzzle of the four of them is a wonderful thing and it’s completed picture has their Momma right smack dab in the middle.

Mama's Boys

These men are the other parts of Corey’s heart and the time spent with them was long overdue.