An impromptu date!

Tonight was an impromptu date night.  I was able to go on a date tonight that was so refreshing and was long over due.  We spend hours upon hours together, although not as many as we used to but some nights I crawl into bed and feel like we’ve hardly “seen” each other.

Tonight, I had a date with my big girl.  My first-born.  My Bethany.

Mommy Date Bethany

This past few weeks Bethany has really been struggling.  She’s growing up, life is changing, she’s changing and all of that is hard.  Pair that with the fact that January and February were difficult emotional months in our home, in our family and you can see how she’s feeling and behaving a little off kilter.

I knew that was the problem.  I could tell that what she’s really been craving is time from and with me, but up until this past week it’s the last thing I was able to give to her and her alone.

It wasn’t for lack of wanting time with Bethany, I ALWAYS want time with my girls.  Today I decided that what we want when it comes to quality time falls under not just the “want” category but the “need” one as well.

I don’t want a life that is so busy doing “things” and getting “stuff” done that I forget to be living IN it.  I don’t want to look back on our girls’ childhoods and think, “Wow….how’d I miss all that?!”  I want to be present, I NEED to be present and tonight I was present.

It was an hour, spent over hot chocolate together.  With no phone (other than the above photo for cuteness sake), no little sister, no homework or dishes to do, I got a chance to visit with my big girl.  She’s awesome.  Her personality is blossoming at an unbelievable rate and she’s just simply awesome.  Quick witted and sweet, with a huge does of tender and observant added to the spit fire mix.  She’s a part me, she’s a HUGE part her and she’s a whole one of a kind Bethany.

As our date drew to an end my cell phone rang, it turned out to be a telemarketer and Bethany (who’s ever curious) wanted to know who it was.  The conversation went something like this…

B – “Mom, is that a junk call again?”

Me – “Ya it is”

B (while holding her hand to her ear as phone) – “Um ya Hi.  So do you want to buy some uh…..junk?”

I split a gut!  I LOVE her perception and honesty when it comes to life.

Mommy's BIG girl

When I planned tonight’s date I did it for B, because I knew it was what she needed.  Little did I know, it was really what I needed as well.

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