Did you say Kinder Surprise?

Am I the only one who’s noticed that Easter is coming early this year?  Maybe it’s just the whirlwind of having a kid in school full time, or the fact that this is the year I turn a number that does not begin in 2-.  Whatever it is, the year feels like it’s zipping by and Easter is already upon us.

It doesn’t seem to matter what store you walk into everywhere you look there are fuzzy pink bunnies and brightly colored chocolate treats waiting to be hidden and discovered.  To me, nothing quite says “Easter Treat” like the a sweet Kinder Surprise.

Without fail each year, hidden amongst the colored straw and Easter toys and treats was a Kinder Surprise.   We were always allowed to choose one treat to have/open before we left for the Easter Sunday worship service at a church and very often, our Kinder Surprise was the one that was chosen.  It was the double duty choice, a toy and a treat in one!

Over the many years since I was that  little girl in a pretty (and often time itchy) flower dress on Easter morning, slowly unwrapping her chocolate treasure, our friends at Kinder have been loving children and their families.

This year they’ve stepped it up and while they’ve always done nothing less than their best, this year is taking the cake!  They have a few exciting new events happening this holiday season and we’re excited to share them with you!

Joy to share

Children’s Miracle Network of Canada – As I’ve mentioned a few times before, Kinder Canada is a big supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network.  Their contributions not only help the organization but they bring joy to children around the country!  Touching lives, including ours in a way that is powerful!

From March 1 -31st Kinder Canada is donating $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network of Canada for every New “Like” they receive on Facebook! 

So cool, right?!  Like the page and bam! You’ve made a donation.  Now, since I know most of you are avid Kinder Fans and probably already like the, why not share the Kinder Canada page on your Facebook wall?  Share it with your friends and invite them all to join in on such a great cause!

Kinder Easter

Kinder Easter Bunny – Harry is on Tour! – Kinder is excited to announce that their “secret” Easter Bunny, Harry is going to be making surprise appearances at Easter Events around the country in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto!  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for hints on where and when he’ll appear and then make sure you’re there!  He’ll be giving out Free Samples of Kinder Mini Eggs and I bet if you’re lucky you might even get a chance to snap a photo with you’re little one and the big bunny!

New Toys! – Head on over the Kinder Canada Facebook page HERE to take a sneak peak at all the fun new toys being launched for Easter!  Don’t forget to show them to your little ones and together VOTE for your favourite one!

As a quick reminder to all our friends with food allergies in their homes: While Kinder Surprise Eggs are peanut free the Kinder Mini Eggs are NOT NUT FREE.  They contain a hazelnut filling that, of course should be avoided if nuts are a concern.

Easter is so much more than treats and toys, it’s a season for celebration, forgiveness, fun, love, family and just like Christmas (maybe even more so) it’s a season to think of others.  This Easter season please join us, and our friends at Kinder in sharing the Joy – whether it’s a “Like” and donation on Facebook or a Kinder Surprise treat for your children, a little love can go such a long way!


Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Easter is coming way too fast. The Easter Bunny still has a few things on the list to get before he's done! 🙂

    Those plush stuffies look so cute!!! Kinder is a treat the kids get often and I'm not even a Kinder Mom, they just are a great company and I love that they are a supporter of the Children's Miracle Network!
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