True Beauty Isn’t…


True Beauty isn’t…

found in the designer jeans or the latest runway fashions.

found in the size of your clothes or the number on a scale.

the size of your biceps or any other part for that matter.

the man who uses his hands to harm a woman, to make himself feel better.

the woman who uses her words to make a man feel smaller.

found in the house you live in, the job you have or the car you drive.

in 17 lbs of make-up, and a bucket of hair dye.

in the critical whispers behind another’s back or the cutting words said to their face.

superficial relationships, void of feelings and understanding.

selfish, self-centered or self-righteous.

something you can own, something you can win or something you can buy.


True Beauty is…

the sun on crisp freshly fallen snow.

the sound of a laughing child.

the man who holds open a door or pulls out a chair for lady, regardless of whether she’s his mother or his date.

the woman who shows compassion to the mother in crisis.

the ability to proclaim Jesus is Lord, to voice your opinion and to walk safely down the street in a country that embraces freedom & diversity.

confidence in who you are, what you believe and where you are going.

the gift of an honest opinion, given with tact and love.

the strength that comes in standing up against things that are wrong.

seeing the “first robin” after winter and believing Spring is on the horizon.

flowers on your table, picked by tiny hands and bundled with love.

the night sky, clear, dark and loaded with a million stars.

love – pure, honest and unconditional love.


If I teach our girls nothing else in life, I pray I can teach them to see, to feel and to share their True Beauty.

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