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Weekday mornings around our house can tend to be a little bit crazy.   Regardless of what time I’m up (5am FTR) to get my workout in, when kids 1 & 2 get out of bed or how many things I have ready to go the night before – most mornings are nuts.  By the time I get my butt up the stairs for my 42 second shower, I’m usually feeling a little flustered, actually…completely fried.

I turn on the shower with one had, while brushing my teeth with the other, and while I wait for the water to get warm, I lay out my clothes and plug in the appropriate appliance.  Then I put it all down, see the steam rising and open the door.  The hot water hits and it all starts to melt away.

My morning showers are my few minutes to reset.  Whether it’s a weekday morning mad rush to get in, get out and get clean or a leisurely Saturday morning suds, the hot water and the ritual tasks of washing leave me feeling fresh and refreshed.  It’s the essential part of my day that helps wash away Crazy Mommy and restore, Happy Mommy.

It’s a process that’s important to me and one that hinges greatly on the products I’m using at the time.

I mean let’s be honest, us girls want to get clean and all but really, we just want to smell good!  A great smelling shampoo & body wash is half the battle, at least it is for me.

When I heard about the two unique lines of Softsoap body wash and was given the opportunity to try them out, I jumped on it.  Who wouldn’t?  I mean, wouldn’t you want to take that shower experience to a new level (hint: you’re gonna get a chance in a few..).


The Softsoap Fruity Collection – has a wide variety of fragrances to choose from, all with an intense fruity and/or floral scent, each packed with rich moisturizers for every inch of skin!  I love (and had tried before this campaign came along) the Sweet Honeysuckle and Orange Peel body wash from this collection.  It feels invigorating, with a great little kick to wake you up!

The Softsoap Body Butter Collection – is thick, creamy and my new favourite!  With intense, naturally inspired fragrances its an indulgent experience one can’t but enjoy!   Currently, I’m enjoying the Heavenly Vanilla body wash with its warm, deep fragrance and quick lather it’s the perfect calm for my morning rush.

I love how well these two collections lather up!  It hardly takes more than a dime sized amount to get a beautiful, bunch of bubbles brewing.  I like my showers hot, in fact some mornings the hotter the better, which while it feels great in the moment can often leave my skin feeling dry and dehydrated.  After more than a week using the SoftSoap Heavenly Vanilla body wash I’ve discovered my skin feeling more moisturized, my legs are a little less lizard like and my hands seem softer.  I don’t even need to slather on the body lotion post shower any more – score!

Life as a Mom can be crazy some times, days fill up with a million “to do’s” and self indulgent luxuries sometimes feel like a thing of the past (remember when you used to be able to drink your tea while it was still hot or eat a whole chocolate bar alone? Good times…) but they don’t always have to be.   I know a shower isn’t exactly a luxury here, in fact if you sweat like me it’s more a necessity but having the right “supplies” to make those showers more enjoyable is.

Take the time to grab your favourite loofah, turn up the hot water and check out the Softsoap Fruity or Body Butter Collections for your perfect fragrance.   It’s not always about the amount of time we spent on ourselves but the quality of the time we get so… go ahead, give your skin the moisture it deserves because after all Softsoap skin is in™!

Not sure which one to choose?  It can be hard… I know, so let us help you out!  Why not enter to WIN a gift basket full  of Softsoap Fruity & Body Butter Collection body wash?

Enter to win on the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win the Softsoap Gift Basket!  Please note that this contest is open to Canadian Residents only (full terms & conditions found in the form below).

Don’t want to wait till I draw a winner to start the Softsoap experience?  Check out these great saving opportunities here!
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38 thoughts on “Softsoap Body Wash Giveaway!

  1. I'd try the Body Butter Collection first, specifically the Coconut Scrub!

  2. I would try the body butter first, definitely the Coconut scrub! sounds delish!

  3. My skin's been pretty dry lately, so I'd use the body butter collection first. (I really want to try that heavenly vanilla one.)

  4. I would try the fruity collection first the pomegrante one sounds great

  5. I'd like to try the Fruity Collection first — I love citrus scents.

  6. Both Collections sound great – but i’d likely want to try the Softsoap Fruity Collection first. thanks!

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