Kraft Pourable Vinaigrette Dressings – Helping keep your salads dressed!

I love salad, tossed, greek, spinach it’s all yummy! I eat enough salad that when Bethany’s teachers were filling out her “About Mom” paper last year for Mother’s Day she listed my favourite food as “Salad” and my favourite activities as “eating salad and shopping”. My girl knows me!

Actually I love vegetables and fruit in general. The crunch, the flavor, the nutritional value it’s all good. Thanks to my food allergies, my diet is severely restricted, making straight from the earth veggies my best friends.

While I love my veggies washed and naked (gasp!), I must admit I’m a sucker for a great dressing. Nothing heavy to weigh them down, no unhealthy junk filled concoctions just something light and full of flavor. If it’s something my husband and children will eat too, it’s a bonus! (The girls love their veggies – Corey’s a little harder to convince and needs dressing a little more)

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That’s where Kraft once again comes in to save the day!

The new Kraft Salad Vinaigrette Dressings are a dressing that have a bold but fresh taste! Available in the following flavors:
Berry Balsamic
– Roasted Yellow Pepper, Garlic and Lime
– Fire Roasted Tomato with Basil (I LOVE Tomato & basil together!)
– Garlic Parmesan with Roasted Cauliflower

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These dressings are made with real fruits & vegetables, are low in salt & fat, contain no artificial flavors or colors aaaaaannnnd….are only 25-30 calories per serving!

Sounds like Kraft has put out yet another great group of dressings!

Normally, with reviews such as these ones I have some personal feedback on the products because well…you know I have a lot to say about everything.

Today that’s not the case, at least not yet. Due to some technical difficulties our dressings haven’t arrived yet *sad trombone* but they should be here in a day or two *happy flute*! Since I’m pro-active by nature (or slightly impatient) I decided I’d share what I know about them now with the promise of more to come!

Keep watching the blog, our Facebook and Twitter accounts over the next few days as we try out these new salad vinaigrette dressings. Once we’ve had the opportunity to try them all out I’ll post again letting you know what we think, what we love and if I’ve come up with a stellar salad recipe that you’ll just have to try.

Until then, why don’t you tell me – have you tried the Kraft Pourable Salad Vinaigrette Dressings yet? If you have, what’s YOUR favourite?

Disclaimer: Our Family Stone received products to review and compensation for this post but the opinions in this post are our own.

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