Spring has Sprung


Last week the weather here in the Valley was fantastic.  Sunshine, blue sky and temperatures that were in the upper teens, lower twenties.  To put it simply – it was blissful.

Winter isn’t exactly my season.  Ok, winter isn’t my season at all.  If it didn’t bring with it snow for snowshoeing and pretty falling flakes for a white Christmas (sometimes…not often here…ok rarely ever) I’d pretty much hate it all together.

It’s dreary and cold.  The days are short and here it’s constantly damp.  Due to the cold and damp weather I’m required to dress our children in another 15 layers of clothing, which means that I also have to help them buckle because they can’t see the clips past the gear.  Then there is my gear – winter gear is not sexy.  It adds pounds and bulk and then you get in a store and you sweat.

See, not so much a fan of winter.

The past few weeks though it’s started to feel like winter was coming to a close.  With the days getting longer (the only positive to DLS), the snow melting off the surrounding mountains and the weather getting warmer I start to feel more like myself.

By the middle of last week, as I was skipping with Audrey to pick up Bethany from school, I took notice of something.  My heart felt a little lighter, my mood felt a little brighter – it was like God had started spring blooming in me too!

This week we’re back to rain, but to be honest I don’t mind.  Would I rather the warm weather?  Sure, the kids miss playing outside and I miss being able to wear flip-flops without soggy pants and toes (you’ll have to pry them off my feet now until Fall hits) but this is ok too.

It’s not as cold out there as it was and while the sky may be grey the days are still longer.  The beautiful flowers popping out of the ground need this rain to grow and we need it to prevent drought like conditions this summer, so I’m choosing to embrace it.

March had weather that behaved something like a bi-polar alcoholic and I’m glad she’s gone to rehab because April’s here and so is Spring!


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