Eat like an animal…or children?

A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook the other day and it actually made me laugh.  Out loud.  Like a real life LOL*  It was awesome.

It’s fantastic enough that the only logical thing to do is to share it with you, because no matter how bad your day is, you can’t help but laugh.  And probably, laugh out loud.

I’m not sure what made me laugh more – the sippy cups, the stoic face of his dinner companion or the fact that some of those animal eating habits strangely resemble those of a 2 year old child.

And just in case the orignal “How Animals Eat Their Food” video didn’t tickle your fancy quite enough, here’s the blooper reel, it’s SURE to push you over the giggle edge.

Here’s to having a laugh, being silly and starting Monday off smiling!


*I’ve said it before but it’s just true – I can’t stand LOL.  Most people don’t actually Laugh out loud and it’s often used to placate a situation and it drives me mental.  However, when you ARE laughing out loud it’s ok to use it, rest assured if I ever say I LOL’d I really did laugh.  Mostly like at an inappropriate moment.  Like on the treadmill, at the gym, watching Will and Grace with my headphones on.  And it usually involved a snort.*