Making memories, with FREE Dairy Queen treats from General Mills!

If you know Corey, then you probably know he likes ice cream.  No, scratch that he loves ice cream.   It’s not just a dessert for him, it’s a ritual.

Watching him eat ice cream, it’s impossible to miss how much he loves ice cream.  He savors each and every. single. bite. (which for someone who hoovers her food ahem is incredibly frustrating.)  sipping away at his tea as he goes.  I like ice cream and all, but it’s nothing like how Corey feels about it.


Bethany is another who has a love of ice cream.  She too savors each lick, making each one count, getting ice cream from her nose to her chin in sheer delight.  For her nothing is sweeter than the offer of a treat after dinner, or a “date” to Dairy Queen.

I remember as a kid, on those rare occasions after dinner, or the last day of school when my Mom would announce we were headed to Dairy Queen.  Visions of chocolate dipped cones, Oreo Cookie Blizzards and hot french fries (dip them in your ice cream…trust me) filled our heads and we flew to get shoes on our feet.  There are moments and memories that will forever be attached to a trip to DQ.IMG_5017

Our friends at General Mills know the value of a family outing and the memories that can come with a treat shared together, so they partnered with Dairy Queen to bring us 2 (!) great coupon opportunities!

Both of these deals are found on specially marked boxes of General Mills Cereals, that are currently on store shelves (psst – It’s true, I’ve seen them!)

April 1 2013 – July 31 2013Find a coupon for a FREE small Orange Julius® redeemable at any Dairy Queen® location.  A treat Audrey, who’s not so much an ice cream fan – is super excited about.  Now while Daddy & Bethany have their ice cream she can have her “f-moovie” too.

May 1 2013 – May 31 2013 – Inside is a treat coupon for a FREE small Blizzard® treat which can be redeemed at any Dairy Queen location in Canada!  Corey will be enjoying his Choco Cherry Love Blizzard with added coconut and pineapples.

Now, while you enjoy your healthy breakfast of Cheerios or Oatmeal Crisp you can be planning your next family outing to Dairy Queen and Orange Julius.  The treats and the memories are waiting!

What’s your favorite memory from Dairy Queen or Orange Julius?

Disclosure – I am participating in the Life Made Delicious Ambassador Program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.