Sick and Thankful


I’m sick.  After months and months of stress, sick kids, family “stuff”, sleepless nights and regular life, my body decided to go on strike and I’m sick.

Most times, I get sick and I can keep going.  I call it a “Mommy Cold” working through it and doing ok.  This time, it’s really got me down and today, I’m being forced to rest.

It’s been hanging around for a week, I’d been carrying on and I was starting to thinking it was getting better.  Then yesterday, after spending 5 hours in the kitchen baking it reared up and kicked me in the head.

So, today I’ve been ordered by Dr. Corey to “REST already!” and hang out in my (new) lazy boy.

He’s a rockstar.  I couldn’t possibly wish for a better husband.  Last night he took the girls for ice cream & Subway while I cleaned up my kitchen, today he took them to church, out for lunch with some friends and is running errands for me, so I can really rest.

Today, I’m taking him up on it.  This cold is rough, the pressure in my sinuses makes me feel like it’s going to force my teeth right out of my head, every single muscle I have is aching, right down to the tops of my feet, my head literally feels to heavy for my aching neck and my voice is rather…husky.  So, I’m curled up in my chair, knitting, drinking tea and watching brain numbing TV.  (Mob Wives?  Totally ridiculous….I’m so hooked on those crazy ladies)

I will survive, tomorrow will start a new, and better or not I’ll get up and carry on, it’s how we roll around here.  For now though, I’m going to relish the break, soak up the moments and remember to be thankful for the wonderful man God has given me.

He’s really my BEST!

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