It’s Breakfast in Bed with Chocolate Philly


When I met Corey, if you were to ask him what the major food groups were his answer would have been something like this… “Meat, Potatoes, Ice Cream & Chocolate”.  He only ate vegetables that were either doused in sauces (can you say brown sugar carrots) or stacked high on his hamburger.  Almost every course was followed by ice cream, or chocolate and he was completely satisfied with that.

Then he met me and it all changed!

All of a sudden there were veggies at each meal, protein that didn’t come from an animal that moo’d and chocolate was removed from the breakfast food list (mostly).  Lucky for him me he adjusted to the changes and he discovered that his body felt significantly better with the whole food choices.

That being said, it’s not all totalitarian around our house either.  Treats are great, chocolate (in moderation) is great and I’m all for enjoying the foods you eat.  It’s just, there’s a time and place for them and breakfast isn’t it.

At least, until now.

Kraft has come out with their NEW Chocolate Philly Cream Cheese and he’s going to be thrilled!   A breakfast food that contains the dairy of Philadelphia Cream Cheese with the added treat of pure milk chocolate?  Count him in!  It’s also got half the sugar and calories (per tbsp) of the other competitive spreads on the market, making it an acceptable choice on my end.

Our friends over at Kraft are so excited about the New Chocolate Philly Cream Cheese  that they’re rolling out 2 great campaigns to get YOU on board and adding a little treat to your mornings!

1. Chocolate Philly Coupon – On May 21 2013 there will a coupon available on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada Facebook page!  It will be a downloadable coupon, only available for a limited time.  I highly recommend heading over and “Liking” the page in advance so you don’t miss (or if you’re like me forget) your chance at getting one.


2. Breakfast In Bed – The team at Philly understands how hard we ALL work and understands our need for a break once in a while.  They also know how hard it is to get/take sometimes, so they’ve come up with a GREAT plan to get you taking a break and your loved ones serving you Breakfast in Bed.  It goes something like this:

  • Post a status update on Facebook that says something along the lines of “If I get 20 Likes, my family is going to serve me Chocolate Philly breakfast in bed.  Won’t you please help a girl out?!”
  • Since we know you’ve got great Facebook Friends, they’re going to start liking and your family is going to start feeling the heat (side note: don’t forget to tag any member of your family that would be serving you breakfast on the post.  Can you say a little added pressure?)
  • When the heat gets to be too much, they’re going to serve you Chocolate Philly in bed!  Before the moment passes snap a photo and submit it to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada Facebook Page

Be warned, this may start a snowball effect in your home.  Once your family sees how much fun you had “earning” your breakfast in bed, and they’ve snuck a bite or 18 of your Chocolate Philly the game may be on and you’ll find your own name tagged in a Breakfast in Bed Facebook status.  But let’s face it, you’re not going to mind paying the love forward, I mean every breakfast needs a little love bite anyways right?  Just one more excuse for you to be having a little Chocolate Philly!

ps. We’d love to see your Facebook statuses and Breakfast in Bed photos so don’t forget to tag the Our Family Stone Facebook page in all your updates!  We’ll be sure to give you one of your necessary “Likes” and get the ball rolling!

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  1. LOVE this challenge!! Such a fun way to get friends and family involved too…hehe. We’re really enjoying the new Chocolate Philly…I’ve been having it on toast every morning 🙂

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