Please, Please Stay

Band Mates

With summer on the horizon, and the sunshine/heat creeping out (last week – warm & beautiful…this week – rain.  Again) we’ve been driving with the windows down more.

Something about the breeze and the birds makes me want to sing just a little louder and now that the girls are singing along, we’re a serious party van some days.  (Other days we’re just a whining, complaining, over tired mess van)

I’m always on the hunt for new tunes and this time of year just begs for up beat, sing-a-long, seat dancing ones.  We’ve found a few great favs lately but this is the newest.

The girls love it and long after it’s finished playing you can hear B walking around singing “Please, Please stay….Please, please stay….”

What are YOU currently loving?  Any great song suggestions for our summer playlist?!