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So, here’s the deal.  I sweat.  A lot.  Whether it’s my morning workout, a deep cleaning session on the bathrooms or a hike up a mountain, if it’s an activity that elevates my heart rate you can bet I’ll be sweating.

I know there are some people who lightly sweat, women who say they “glow” (I’m a freakin’ bon fire!) and others who don’t perspire at all (Corey), I sadly am not one of them.  My morning workouts consist of soaking wet tank tops & sweat drops off my nose.  It’s how my body cleans out and I’m ok with it.

That being said, what I’m NOT ok with is smell.  My body is cleansing itself when I sweat and that’s great but when that sweat starts to smell all hot and stinky something has to be done.

I’ve tried dozens of deodorants, some that work better than others.  There have been ones I really like and ones I hated but none I was totally sold on.


Recently I was given the opportunity to review the new Lady Speed Stick Power antiperspirant, and I jumped at the chance!  The promise:

Lady  Speed  Stick*  Power  provides  long  lasting  superior  protection†  to  help  women  feel  dry  and  unstoppably  fresh,  enabling  them  to  handle  any  sweat  inducing  situations  that  they  may  encounter.

† vs. 20% required sweat reduction effectiveness

With 4 great fragrances, the promise of long lasting, 24 hour protection, what sweat girl would say no?

I received the Lady Speed Stick Power – Cool Breeze and also the Lady Speed Stick Power Gel – Fresh Fusion.   I’m not a big fan of Gel deodorants so it was the Lady Speed Stick Power Cool Breeze that I put to the biggest test.

LSS12COL5077 LSS Power 65g Gel Fresh Fusion_HR

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Lady Speed Stick Power Cool Breeze antiperspirant!  It’s fragrance in clean and soft, not overpowering like some and once applied I find it to feel light.  I’ve used it for the past few days and two major things stand out:LSS12COL5077 LSS Power 45g CoolBreeze_HR

1. I don’t feel nearly as “sticky” when I’m sweating.  I’m definitely dryer than I was with the deodorant I was using prior to this review.

2. It REALLY lasts 24 hours.  I workout at 5am and let’s face it, I’m in my own home – sometimes I don’t reapply my pit stick in the morning.  Some mornings I’m lucky if I’m awake enough to get my bra on facing the right way let alone remember deodorant.  On those mornings I’m usually a little “riper” post workout.  The last 2 days I’ve purposely not put any on and I didn’t smell!

Even Audrey noticed.  She’s got one of those crazy sniffers and usually complains I “f-mell” when I give her a morning kiss.  This morning she gave me a kiss and walked away, saying over her shoulder “Mama you f-mell good”.

Point #2 sold me!  With results like that, it was definitely a “Don’t Sweat It! Handle It!” discovery. (Not only should you be impressed, you should be thankful.  Especially if you have to workout or breath anywhere near my in the AM)

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This cute commercial from Lady Speed Stick made me giggle.  I am totally afraid of making that mistake…

Disclosure: This post is sponsored & I received compensation from Colgate, all views & opinions are my own.

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  1. I saw a t-shirt at my daughters' cheer competition last week that said, "I don't sweat, I sparkle". I think I'm going to start using that 🙂

  2. I mentioned on another blog today that I've tried Lady Speed Stick and it's never worked well for me. That said, after reading both yours and the other review I'm tempted to try this new "Power" version. It's worth a shot at least, right? 🙂 Thanks!
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