“Fun Day” – a hidden blessing

Friday was “Primary Fun Day” at school for Bethany.  Tuesday we received a letter inviting us, as parents to join our children for a morning of activities & games.


As a planner (a list making planner) I was a little frustrated. It felt like short notice to organize being there and having something for Audrey to do as well.  Normally, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, I’d leave AJ with my Mom and I’d be at the school.  This time however, Mom & Dad were unable to hang out with her leaving me two choices, bring Audrey to school with me or miss the morning with Bethany.

There was no question – Audrey was just going to have to come.

I was slightly apprehensive, worried that Audrey would feel left out, concerned that Bethany wouldn’t have fun, wondering if it would feel like the morning was dragging on.  With the forecast of rain and the prospect of having the activities crammed inside the school – I had a foreboding sense of doom about the up coming day.

Fun Day - 1

The day came and while it was SUPER foggy at 5am when I got up, it quickly burned off into what can only be described as perfect weather.  Not to hot, not too cold.  Just enough cloud cover to give reprieve as the sun got warmer, but not so much that rain drops fell or photos were ruined.

Turns out, I didn’t need to be worried at all.

We had such a wonderful morning together.  Many of the Grade 6 students running the 35 activity stations invited Audrey to join the fun.  Some offered her prizes or treats, others smiled and were kind.  She had a great time “helping” me take pictures and cheering her sister on in each activity.

Fun Day - 2

Bethany didn’t stop beaming the entire time.  She loved the freedom of running all over the school yard, trying new things and collecting her prizes.  She was great at including her sister in activities, skipping off together holding hands every so often and ending with Bethany splitting her (HUGE) hot lunch piece of pizza with Audrey, so that they could have “school lunch” together.  

Fun Day - 3

As for me, I was exhausted.  We made half a dozen or so trips around the school/yard, backtracking many times and I was the resident pack mule, I was surprised by how tired I was.  The thing is, I hadn’t noticed because I was having as much fun as the girls.

Sure, I got to visit with the other moms (a highlight of school pick ups is the time to have adult conversations…) but that wasn’t it.  All of a sudden, as we were walking away from the water station I realized my heart felt like it was going to burst.

For 6 years it felt like I’ve been in the baby/toddler haze.  Days blur into years and moments feel like they’re whisked by in a tornado of potty trips and tantrums.  So many nights, I’ve tucked them in to sleep feeling like a meany, queen of the time out and sad.  Sometimes it felt like anything else was only ever going to be a dream.

Then Friday happened.

I didn’t just spend time with my daughters, I felt like I spent time with my two best friends.  The people they’re becoming are pretty awesome little creatures and God gave me such a window into that Friday.  In the midst of marshmallow (“Mash-mellow” if your AJ) races and fake tattoos, I got a glimpse of our future and I’m excited!

We still have many days & years of bumpy roads a head of us.  As much as I love being their friend, I am ultimately their Mama, a blessing and an even bigger responsibility.  There are so many more things in life I’ve yet to teach them and battles we’ve yet to have, I know that.

For now though, none of that matters.  It was a wonderful day, they’re great kids and I am so thankful that Bethany & Audrey are my girls.


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  1. I love this! What a wonderful day and an eye opener of what’s to come. Being a parent is the best thing in the world, if you ask me.

    So glad you had such a great day with your girls.
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