Finding Grace in Small Things – #9

Walk with me Daddy

1. The man Corey is – the friend, husband, employee and father he is.  It’s a powerful thing.

2.  Watching kids play & talking with other moms (ADULTS!) for 1.5 hours after school.

3. The incredible group of kids God has surrounded our girls with at school.  There is a small group of kids that we’re watching knit together and it’s answered prayers.  HUGE answered prayers.

Great Grammie and Bethy

4. My Grammie.  She is as special to me as my Mom (Bethany & Audrey’s Grammy) is to them.  We’re connected at the heartstrings and watching her love on my girls, the way she’s loved on me – it’s amazing.

Play Dough

5. Trying and succeeding at making play dough with Audrey this week! (even if she thinks is “f-mells funny”)

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