Kinder is celebrating Pink Eggs & a Contest!

Before I had daughters I swore I hated pink.  It was a “girlie” colour, I didn’t like it and I certainly was NOT girlie.  I think it had something to do with feeling as though nobody would take seriously if I was a girl.  Little did I know…

Once our girls were born however, my world flipped around.  All of a sudden it was pinks, purples, yellows and blues!  Vibrant or muted (except muted yellow…it looks like baby poop) it didn’t matter, they were pretty, they were feminine, they were girlie – and so was I!

As our girls grow I want them to celebrate being a girl.  I want to teach them that they can have all the treasures the world holds for them, they can go anywhere, do anything, achieve anything, BE anything, all while being proud of being a girl.  God made us girls for a reason, and that’s something to get excited about!

Motorcycle Mamas

We have two girls, who are both similar and completely different all in the same breath.  Bethany is creative, thought out and full of vibrance.  Audrey’s witty, tactile and sarcastic (I don’t know who she got that from…do you?).  Bethany spends her time diving into her books, coloring beautiful pictures, while Audrey is off being a doctor or snuggling one of her 42 babies.  They love to wear dresses and bake cookies one minute and then next they’re out in the garage with their Daddy, hunkered down peering under whatever vehicle he’s working on learning about shocks and differentials and, uh – stuff.

All those things are what make them the completely amazing, incredible exhausting creatures that they are!

In celebration of the launch of their new Pink Kinder Eggs, with toys geared towards (but not exclusive to) girls Kinder Canada is hosting a contest!


Kinder Canada knows that each child is special & unique it their own way and this contest celebrates that!  To enter, all you have to do is “Like” the Kinder Canada Facebook page, which you’ve already done I’m sure.  Then tell Kinder what makes your child(ren) unique!

The contest runs from May 29th 2013 – June 19th 2013 with 3 $250 Visa prizes to be won!

Entering couldn’t possibly be easier!  Let’s just re-cap:

1. “Like” the Kinder Canada Facebook Page

2. Tell Kinder Canada what makes your child or children unique.

3. Find a new Pink Kinder Egg and take time to Play with your unique and fantastic children while you wait to find out if you won!  (Ok, so this isn’t part of the official contest, but it is certainly a great way to pass the time!)

Before you go, why not tell us…

What makes your child(ren) unique?!



“Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”



5 thoughts on “Kinder is celebrating Pink Eggs & a Contest!

  1. That's funny when I was a kid I hated pink because everyone always bought me everything in pink. Now that I have my own daughter I fear I am smothering her in pink too! I love the idea behind the pink Kinder Eggs, I would have loved more girly ones when i was a kid!
    Elizabeth L recently posted..DK Canada’s Father`s Day Boutique

  2. I love how unique each of my children are! They're always amazing me with different talents they each have and their personalities 🙂 So cute! I love that Kinder celebrates uniqueness in kids 🙂
    Brandi recently posted..10 Tips For Party Etiquette

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