Finding Grace in Small Things – the Father’s Day Edition

Daddy's Day 13

1. Corey – God has given be a husband who is beyond anything I could have EVER asked for, who far exceeds all of the things I dreamed of in a husband, a father, a partner.

Papa's Girls

2. My Dad – For 30 years he’s loved, raised, protected, guided and cared for me.   He’s a daily example of Jesus’ love in action, generous with his heart & his time.  He loves my children like he’s loved me (and has built them the sweetest playhouse EVER) and the relationship he’s worked to build with Corey melts me at my core.

Silly Sisters

3. Our two sweet little girls – they bring me more joy than anything ever has and I love them harder than I ever dreamed I was capable of.

Grammy's Girls 2013

4. My Mom – She’s my Mom, my boss, my friend and the greatest Grammy our two girls could ever wish for.   She too loves our babies the way she’s loved me, and the way she loves so many.   She’s been given the gift of an open heart – it’s a powerful thing.  I thank God daily that we’re close enough to raise our girls near them.

Tickle Fight

5. Laughter – The worries and fears I carry each day seem to vanish in the middles of tickles and laughter.

Silly to the core

6. Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream – I know, totally random but that stuff seriously saved the day today on our walk.  We got chewed, which normally would have resulted in scratched open wounds but thanks to that miracle cream, has resulted in forgotten bites!

Mama's Girls

7. Cameras – I remembered my REAL camera today, and caught things I’d have otherwise missed.  Like this beauty!Strike a pose


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