The Undergrad

In February my baby, my Audrey started Preschool.  Just like we did with Bethany, we waited until her fourth birthday had passed to enroll her in school.  We didn’t put them in at 3 partly because we wanted them to have a little longer to mature and partly because, well….I didn’t want to let them go.

They’re my girls and while they posses the ability to drive me to new levels of insanity, they also bring me intense amounts of joy.

Audrey’s school year was rough for her.  She LOVED school and her teachers have a special and warm place in her heart, she couldn’t wait to see them each week.  The thing is, I too hold a special place in her HUGE heart and being away from me is hard.


First day of Preschool!

Most days (which was once a week this year) drop off was in the midst of tears.  She wanted to stay, she wanted me to stay, she didn’t want me to go and it was hard.  I’d be gone a few minutes and she’d quickly settle and there was always a smiling happy little girl when I returned, but it was hard to adjust.

For her school ended two weeks ago.  Her teacher is excellent and the “Preschool Graduation” ceremony is set up to celebrate each of the children whether they’re moving on to Kindergarten the next year or returning to preschool.

Since Audrey is our January baby, she has another year of preschool coming up (I’m SO glad) which meant this year she was an undergrad.
AJ Grad - Certificate 2

As always the ceremony was sweet, the kids sang and each one received a book & certificate from Miss. T and Miss. K.   Unlike other years there was a little addition to children lined up at the front – me.

AJ Grad - Sisters

Audrey had no intention of sitting with her friends unless Mommy was sitting behind/beside her.  Since she was sitting on the floor all I can say is, it’s a good thing I wore pants.

AJ Grad - Belle

We are so proud of our little big girl and how much she’s learned and changed this year!   As we’ve already learned, time and development go quickly and we’re excited to see what next year will bring for our Audrey Joy!  (But I’m not wishing summer away)

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