Kindergarten and Beyond!

Bethany graduated Kindergarten last Thursday.  In a gymnasium filled with proud parents, grandparents and friends, with nervous giggles and a few boogers later (kids + nose + boredom = gold digging expedition) our sweet little Kindergarteners graduated into “Graders”.

Kindergarten 1st day

For the next 12 years, when asked about Bethany in school my answer will begin with, “She’s in GRADE….”

How did this happen?Bethany Grad 2

The past 10 or so months have seemed to vanish.  The anxious, shy little Sweetpea I took to school in September has flourished into such an amazing little girl.  She’s reading, printing sentences, sounding things out and doing math (MATH!).  Under the kind and compassionate care of a teacher, who’s been a HUGE blessing Bethany has begun to discover herself and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

Bethany Grad

This year held so many first for her – first time on a school bus, first field trip without Mom, first Christmas concert, first bully issue, first all day school, and the list goes on.  God not only placed Bethany with the perfect teacher for her but He surrounded her with an incredible group of friends.  She’s bonded so closely with a few really great kids, made a best friend that I pray with all my heart stays her best friend as they grow and along with those great kids has come a group of moms that have become some good friends.


More than once that morning my eyes filled with tears (something like they are right now)  as I watched my big girl.   Who she’s becoming is no longer just up to us.  The teachers, classmates, lessons and circumstances she’ll encounter will mold her into the woman she’ll one day be.  Her wings began to sprout this year, wings that will grow and flourish over the next 12 years and one day, in a future that really isn’t that far off she’s going to be ready to fly.

It’s going to go fast, this year is proof that it is.  I want to cherish those moments, the hugs, the kisses, the requests for me to “stay just a little longer Mommy” because one day they’ll be gone.

These graduation ceremonies are bitter sweet, I don’t think that’s ever going to change.  I will survive, we all will… even if I do cry a little (or a lot) along the way.  For today and every day that’s been and will follow we are proud of our Bethany girl and excited to see her grow!

AJ Grad - Bethany

And also excited that for 2 months I don’t have to rush them out of the house, share her with anyone (I don’t want to share her with) and soak up all the giggles & snuggles she’ll share!

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  1. So…. I teared up with your blog post on Audrey as under grad and now again with this post. I am so proud of my two little flowers and love them so much.

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