“Dive into a Fun Filled Adventure” with A Turtle’s Tale 2!

A month or so ago on our usual Saturday family movie night we ordered a new (to us) movie to watch – A Turtle’s Tale.

Our girls quickly fell in love with Ray & Sammy, two sweet little turtles on a journey to discover themselves & the world.  It was a sweet movie, with a good, wholesome storyline and we all loved it!

We had never heard of A Turtle’s Tale before that night and had commented a few times since we wish we’d known of it sooner.  Our limited TV watching time often means we miss some of the great up and coming movies.

Then 2 weeks ago I receive an email saying that we were being given the opportunity to have a movie party with some friends and review the (not yet released) new movie – A Turtle’s Tale 2 – Sammy Escapes!


Click HERE to watch the trailer for A Turtle’s Tale 2 – Sammy Escapes!

We invited some friends over, whipped up some treats & fruit kabobs and on went the show…

Plot: Sammy & Ray are back in A Turtle’s Tale 2 ready to “Dive into a Fun Filled Adventure”!  Full grown turtles now, we watch as the loveable duo struggle to escape The Tank (an underwater aquarium), in an effort to find their two, little grand-turtles – Ricky & Ella.   Working together with some new friends, they discover that when you work together anything is possible!


Just like the first time around you quickly find yourself captivated by Sammy, Ray, Ella, Ricky and all their new friends.  Both our girls loved the addition of Anna – a pink little girl octopus.

So, what did we think?  More over what did all the kids think?


Over all it was a good movie.  The characters are sweet, the message of teamwork is great and the graphics are beautiful.  It also holds the underlying message of caring for our ocean & the creatures in it, something Corey and I absolutely want to drive home to our girls!
We did find that this movie had more suspense filled moments than the first one did and all of the kids at our movie party (ages 3-6) said there were parts that were scary.

A Turtle’s Tale 2 also has some villains that are a consistent part of the movie plop, something we didn’t see in the first movie.  For our girls this causes a little bit of nervousness, and a few hiding their faces with hands moments.  There were a few times I wasn’t sure they were going to make it to the end but the story had them captivated & as each “scary” scene passed they inched closer to the TV.  ( A sign they’re really into a movie is me asking them 82 times to please back up!)

That being said, the movie ends happy (I won’t give it away) and they saw that.  So the initial hesitation has passed and we’ve watched it a few times over.

A Turtle’s Tale 2, which is being released on DVD this Tuesday July 9 2013, is a cute movie for kids & grown ups of all ages.  Initially created for the 3 – 10 year old crowd and rated G, this movie has proven to capture more than just the little ones – the proof is in Corey being glued to the TV. (I may have had to repeat myself 3 times for him to actually look away and hear me).

If you haven’t seen either of the A Turtle’s Tale movies we can’t recommend them enough.  These sweet, well made movies, written with the whole family in mind are a great addition to any movie night or DVD collection.

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