Hot in the dead of summer

Nobody ever thinks it will happen to them.  “I’ll just be a minute” they think.  “It’s not that hot out today, they’ll be fine for a second”.  “The air conditioner was on, it’ll stay cool in there”.

But they aren’t just a minute, the sun is really that hot and the air conditioner is useless when the vehicle is off and your car is not running.

12 children already this year have been severely injured or have died due to being left inside a vehicle in the heat.  It’s 12 children too many.

This isn’t an illness that came in the night or a disease that was hiding in their genetics.  This is a purposeful choice, it’s negligence at it’s worst and it’s completely, 100% avoidable.

Please, please no matter how fast you think you’ll be, how cool you think it is – take them with you.  It might take a minute longer to fasten those seat belts again, you might be a little late for your meeting or a little slower in the check out line – but I promise, without a shadow of a doubt it’s worth it.

There are parents around the world, who’s children are gone who’d give up a 100 minutes to fasten that seat belt, miss as many meetings, and stand in a line up for an entire day, if only they could hold their children again, even just one more time.

Be safe friends, please, be safe.









6 thoughts on “Hot in the dead of summer

  1. The other day, my hubby ran into a store while I waited in the car with our three girls (one was sleeping and we didn't want to get them all out). In five minutes, I was ready to unbuckle and rebuckle everyone just so we could go into the air-conditioned store too. It's HOT in a hot car on a hot day! Take the extra time to take the kids with you. Thanks for sharing.
    Bonnie Way recently posted..Life with Three Girls (Write Mama Blog Hop Vol. 17)

  2. When I seen these stories in the news about children being left in cars on hot days (being left alone in a car period PERIOD is a whole other story) it really frustrated me. I am not a parent yet, however, I don't understand the thought process of these parents that assume stuff won't go wrong. How do you possibly think leaving your child alone at a young age like that is ok? A lot of these stories could have been prevented. Personally I blame the parents. I understand that no one is perfect, but c'mon! Use that common sense that was given to you!
    Tasha recently posted..Pamper Your Skin with Cocoon Apothecary All Natural Skin Care

  3. UUUUGGGGGHHHH, just looking at that photo of the sweaty baby crying in his carseat is making my tummy icky…… What are people thinking by leaving their precious babies in the hot car???!!!!

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