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Have I ever mentioned, I love “The Burn” (yes, it requires capitalization.  It’s that important)?  You know “The Burn” (who shall now be known as TB, because I’m lazy like that) it is the result of a new exercise, a hard workout or cleaning out all the lower cupboards in your kitchen – 2 hours of a solid squat will do that to a glute or two.

It is the thing that makes getting your keister to the toilet painful, causes tears to prick your eyes when climbing stairs and has you contemplating asking your 6 year old to carry the 4L jug of milk.

It’s also the sign of progress, the evidence that all you’ve been doing is going to pay off and proof that if you keep it up that same burn with translate in to lean, carved, cut muscles – it’s proof and it’s AWESOME!

TB however is not to be confused with actual, honest to goodness pain.  Injury sourced, pulled muscle, gigantic knot causing pain is not the same as TB and while it may have resulted from very similar activities it needs to be treated, feared and at times babied.

I believe in working through TB with my workouts, progress doesn’t happen without persistence, I also believe in working around an injury.  Just ‘cuz my foot hurts doesn’t mean I can’t box and I don’t let my wrist/hand issues interfere with yoga I just work around it.   We need to heal, rehabilitate and cherish those injured muscles otherwise one day we run the risk of a serious injury or worse yet – permanent damage!

Lately I’ve been stiff, not the great TB that I’ve come to love, although it’s been there too (thankyouverymuch heavier weights!).  I’ve had achy shoulders,stiff neck and over all spot tenderness.

I kept saying to Corey I felt like I needed a massage with how my muscles were feeling but it just wasn’t in the cards.  Between the cost ($$$!) and the time (um hello life in warp speed) and the fact that strangers touching my back freaks me out (what if they pick their nose back there or strangle me?!) pretty much made it impossible.  I was doing fine, just wishing for a solution.

For months I’d been reading and hearing about foam rollers everywhere.  All my fitness magazines had them featured, my workout sites were starting to post tutorial videos and my research on muscle soreness was pointing me in the same rolling direction.

I kept reading that they were “amazing” and “life changing” but to be honest I kinda thought “blah, blah, blah” ya right.   It’s foam how amazing can it be?

The thing is, as my discomfort grew I started to wonder if all these claims were actually true.  One day as I rushed into Winners for something or other, I stopped over in the fitness section as I always do (it’s a addiction passion, what can I say?) and there they were – the foam rollers.

In what was a desperate and potentially wasteful move I picked one up.  I wandered the store, found what I needed and actually made it to the till with my purchase!  (I’m a great shopper, I’m just a really bad decider.  Spending money stresses me out, I put back way more than I ever buy).


I rolled, I moved, I Googled, I watched YouTube videos and I may have rolled head first into the wall…twice (clumsy girls be warned – do this in the middle of the room!).  Then I went to bed.  Parts of the routine had hurt and others had felt pointless, I’d seriously doubted it was going to work.

Then morning came and I felt WAY mucho better!  My shoulders/neck didn’t hurt or even ache, something that hadn’t happened since just after I had Audrey….4 years ago.

It has since become a huge part of my workout routine, and my daily life.  That small piece of foam has helped not only my neck/shoulder pain, but helps release the TB when it’s too much, helps me feel stretched out and most surprisingly helped with my shin splint issues.  It’s amazing!

When it comes to things I’ve discovered along the way in this journey through health & fitness the foam roller has seriously got to top my list!

Have you ever foam rolled?  Are you a TB lover like me or do you dread the post workout pain?

(This post isn’t sponsored, it’s just me sharing stuff I love with you.)

10 thoughts on “Rollin’

  1. "The Burn" LOL! I have never foamed rolled before. I can't do a lot of exercise sadly as I suffer from Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain. They said that exercise is supposed to help. However that isn't true with me. I wonder if this would be helpful to me? Hmmm and as far as massages, OMG! Girl I went for my first massage at a spa in Edmonton with my boyfriend for a couples massage. I went to Spafinder's website and found that not all spa are crazy expensive that offer massage! Paid $68 for an hour full body massage and OMG was it ever worth it! I will be going at lease once a month! I can't stress how amazing you feel after. Try and get passed the strange person touching your body lol you will thank me for it! <3
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  2. Sounds awesome! I have never heard of it before! I always have shoulder pain and neck pain! I’ll have to look into it!

  3. This is something I will definitely look into. The other day hubs was rubbing my shoulder because when I got to sleep or try to, the pain is so bad it burns and hurts to the point I cannot sleep. It's from a car accident several years ago when I dislocated it then tore the cuff. Maybe this will help me.
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  4. I'm sorry to hear that! Muscle pain is so awful – I have really found my roller to be a life saver. I'd just make sure that you don't have any injury behind that pain before you use it, check with your doc first!

  5. I don't know if I'll get past the stranger phobia but I'll think on it. Great to hear that you can get a good deal on massages!

  6. I find my husband forgets how strong he is and while I love a gentle back rub, most often it's "pinching" rub. He's trying to get the muscles but it's not really happening. My foam roller only hits where I want it to hit!

  7. It would help for sure! I also suggest doing shoulder rolls both forward and backwards every hour or so, while standing. It helps prevent those darn knots from forming!

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