Finding Grace in Small Things #10


1.  Weekends spent with family you miss, in a city you love, on an ocean that’s enchanting.


2.  Summer days whittled away by play dates with a group of kids who mesh so well

3. Mommy’s night outs with the moms of the kids above, where we hang up our snot rags & wipe off the cookie crumbs, so we can put on our pretty shoes and sit at the “tall table”

4. A husband who loves me hard enough to worry on said Mommy’s night out, when I didn’t answer my (accidentally) muted phone, to call the other husbands and then subsequently the restaurant.  Even if it was slightly embarrassing.  (side note: Ladies was it just me or were we really the oldest ones there?!)


5. Medical Office Assistants who actually care about their patients.  Who are kind & compassionate, and at times the driving force behind a great doctor.

Grace in Small Things is a social network created by Schmutzie to wage a war against imbitterment!  Check out my first post here.




One thought on “Finding Grace in Small Things #10

  1. A great social network created by Schmutzie indeed!! I totally pleased to learn about this network. Whatever said about this grace in small things is very inspiring and I like to live my life with enjoyment and pleasure. No regrets because life is short and I don't wanna waste time regretting for something or someone. Cheers… 🙂
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