Audrey Update – Fever 2013

Friday morning we loaded up our van & our family into our van. It was time for our annual Gartner/Stone family weekend away and this year we were headed to Apex – excited doesn’t even begin to sum up how were were feeling. As I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off (it had been that kind of week I tell) Corey popped into the kitchen, her survey the stuff, he gave me the “Are you gonna survive?” look and asked “Did you remember The Binder?”

The Binder is all of Audrey’s previous medical information. We have lab results, appointment summaries and most importantly doctors letters from two different pediatricians specifically laying out “action plans” for Audrey should anything happen. It has been a virtual hip attachment for me this past year as I never want to be without what we need.

We were 3 weeks away from hitting the 1 year mark since the last hospitalization and only days before I’d reliquished m y fear over to God about all of it. Maybe I could let it all go, maybe the gut feeling I’ve had for so long was fear, not fact – maybe it was over?

I had forgotten it that morning but Corey’s reminder had me heading over to the cabinet to get it. “I’m sure we won’t need it I called but you’re right better safe than sorry.” We flung it in the bag and without another thought headed out the door.

Never have I been so glad that Corey (who forgets so much) didn’t forget.

Saturday night, after a long & fun day we crawled into bed exhausted. The kids had been sleeping for hours and as I do every night I brushed my hands over their sweet faces. All was fine and I collapsed into bed and sleep.

Not more than 15 minutes later I heard it, the sound of Audrey crying out in a cry that has become all too familiar. I hopped out of bed and rushed over, ready to soothe and quiet her as to not wake everyone else.

The second my lips hit her cheek for a kiss my stomach dropped and the adrenaline started. She was on fire.

We ripped her out of bed, grabbed thermometers, woke up my Mom and in a whirlwind were left to make a decision. She had a fever – it had come without any warning and we know full well that for Audrey it can only mean trouble. The problem was we were almost an hour from Penticton hospital, a facility we knew nothing about, or 5 hours from “our” hospital. It was the middle of the night, we were exhausted, the road was windy and the drive would be long.

Ultimately we decided that Penticton was the best bet. We DID have The Binder, it was much closer and even if we had to onlhy temporarily deal with the problem at hand there it was better than trying to attempt that full distance in the middle of the night.

I don’t think Corey has ever driven so fast down that mountain in his life. We had to stop once because as the fever climbs Audrey often gets sick to her tummy – which paired with the windy road she definitely did.

The ER hospital experience is a story in itself (let’s just say I’m thankful we live close to Abbotsford) but here’s the condensed version:
– urine was done, labs were done including the specialized tests for Biochemical Disease
– they (eventually) started an IV with one dose of antibiotics
– her tests showed possible UTI and a little bit of effect in her blood but not a lot. A small dip in hemoglobin
– it was ultimately decided that Audrey needed to be transfered back to her doctors here in Abbotsford.

There’s a lot to add in there but to keep the long story a little shorter we’ll leave it there.

Sunday afternoon, after a full bolus of IV fluid and a round of meds, Corey and I loaded our Rosebud up and made the long trip to Abbotsford. She slept the majority of the trip to Chilliwack, her sick body and the fever were exhausting her.

We finally arrived and while the worry & fear still remain, there was a sense of relief being back with a team of people who know us, who understand us, who have her records and who are on our side.

Here’s where we are at today:

– the urine in Penticton didn’t grow any bacteria, while it has markers that suggest there was an infection happening it didn’t grow. This could be that we caught it soon enough or that it is something else causing the fevers.
– Audrey’s fever has been down for a little more than 24 hours (!)
– Currently she is mostly refusing to pee, we have to co-erce her, she is hardly drinking and is nibbling on food. Not enough to sustain her at all
– Most concerning however is her blood work results from today – her hemoglobin has dropped way further. Where the test results from a month ago showed her not anemic, and the ones from Sunday morning showed it had dropped slightly these show she’s plumetted. This particular # is lower than it’s been in 2 years and 2 hospital stays. That has us ALL worried

Ultimately her doctor along with Corey and I don’t want to take any chances. DR.H has decided that it’s imperative that we continue on with another 5 days of antibiotic IV and then assess whether or not she also needs oral ones after. We also need to re-run the tests on Thursday to see what’s happening with her numbers.

Audrey’s history tells us that fevers/infections can’t be taken lightly and thankfully these doctors & nurses are on the ball.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. The emails, comments, texts mean so much and we appreciate each & everyone of them.

Please continue to pray for our girl, that she heals, that answers come and that this can once and for all be over. Please pray for wisdom on the part of the doctors, for Corey and I as her parents and for future decisions. Also please pray for Bethany & my Mom & Dad. They are a part of this journey too and it’s hard on everyone.

God is in control we know that, and hard as it all is His blessings are ever present!

ps. This has not been proof read and I KNOW it’s super long. There’s much to say and my brain is too fried to have caught the typos either way.

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  1. Thanks for the update…I am so sorry your vacation was cut short but I am glad you are back in the hands you know and trust for Audrey. Praying, praying, praying for your sweet girl and your whole family.
    Amanda recently posted..Happened So Fast

  2. Hugs { ♥} and positive thoughts to everyone…. One day… sometimes one hour… at a time is all you ( or anyone) can do. P.

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