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As most of you already know, a week ago tonight (Saturday), while on family vacation in Apex our whole entire world tilted.  We were awakened in the middle of the night to the sounds of Audrey crying, and the realization that she was burning up with fever.

It has been quite the week.  (Details from the earlier part of this week are HERE)

To say we’re tired is an understatement, to say we’re emotionally sapped is much the same.  In an effort to keep this streamlined (let’s not kid ourselves, I never write anything “short”) I’m going to cover what’s happened and what’s to come in point form.


– The lab tech & Audrey’s night nurse arrived  bright and early to draw the blood for the second round of tests.

– By this point the antibiotics had really begun to work.  While she was still weak and pale, our Audrey was starting to shine through again.  She was restless, cheeky and ready to go home.

– We spent the majority of the day waiting to see Dr. H.  She was in clinic, as well as on call that day which means it was a crazy day for her.   It was well after 2pm before we had a chance to talk to her.

– Audrey’s blood work showed that while a few of her numbers had remained steady, others had dropped further.  Her inflammatory markers were down which was excellent (that meant that the antibiotics had been affective in killing the infection in her body), but it didn’t explain the abnormalities littering the remaining test results.

– Dr. H still isn’t 100% sure what type of infection it was that Audrey had in her body.   We both believe that it was a UTI infection that we caught early enough that it didn’t show up strong in the majority of the test results.  It isn’t the first time we’ve caught something before it had a chance to grow majorly.

– Regardless of what it was, the proof was in her body and the blood test results that there was something hitting her big time.   While we’re all glad we treated it soon enough, we (including Dr.H) are concerned that her body responded as it did.

– It was decided that Audrey needed to finish the final dose of IV antibiotics Thursday evening and then we would go home on another 5 days of oral meds. None of us wants to take the chance that this could rear it’s ugly head again.

Where we go from here:

– We have more blood work to do for our girl in 1.5 – 2 weeks from now to see how her body is responding.   Those numbers need to come back up, otherwise I’m truly not sure what the plan is.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.

– Audrey is doing so much better being at home.  Having home cooked food, her sister to play with and her bed to sleep in makes everything better for her.

– She’s still SO pale, and get’s really worn out.  She’s only been home a few days and we’re hoping to see over the next week our girl completely recover to her old self.

– We are back on germ watch big time.   We don’t know for certain what caused this, and if her body reacted this severely over something that was potentially quite small we are truly concerned for what a major infection could do.

Hosp - Beth

– Bethany has once again handled things like a trooper.  She’s been brave, compassionate, understand and was a great little munchkin for my Mom.  Her anxiety flared up a few times over the past 5 days but she managed to communicate it both to my Mom and to I – we were able to talk to, cuddle and pray with her through it.  That’s AWESOME!

Please pray:

– That Audrey’s body and her bone marrow are kicking in to do their jobs.

– That the test results will show positive things not negative.

– For wisdom on both the parts of the doctors and for Corey & I as her parents.  We don’t want to shelter her but we also don’t want to put her at additional risk.  We don’t know how much to push the doctors & how much to sit back and trust their on it. (If Penticton taught me nothing else it’s that sometimes we have to advocate for our children and tell people what we need, not always ask for it)

– For strength for Bethany as she heads into the school year on the wake of Audrey being in hospital again.  That her anxiety can be managed and that she feel the comfort of Jesus in all of this.

– In great praise and thanks, that once again we are home.  It hasn’t been easy, the road doesn’t look any smoother but we have our girls, safe in their beds upstairs and that is worth being thankful for!!!

Once again friends, thank you so very, VERY much for the love, prayer and support on this journey with Audrey.  If means so much to us all and has given us strength on days it’s felt too hard, and encouragement in times when we’ve felt helpless.


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