Is the glass half full? Or half empty?

I have a feeling that from now on as each September rolls around I’m going to writing a post of a similar theme.  Even if I don’t write it, I’m positive that I’ll be thinking and feeling similar things.

Fall is my very most favourite season of all.  It’s got the best clothes (hello snuggly warm sweaters and cute jeans!), the prettiest colors (falling leaves), the crisp cool evenings, the dewy mornings and thanks to pretty much all of those things, it also means I have to shave my legs way less. (Corey will accept any and all sympathies in that regard…)

It also means the kids are back to school.  That is not my favourite thing.

Remember how excited I was to have Bethany home for the Summer?  That didn’t really change much.  Sure we had our moments (3 girls, 1 with real PMS 2 with pseudo PMS – it’s a scary thing) but over all the days flew by, summer & time going with them.

Having to let her go back means not only losing that precious time with my oldest girl, but also that she’s that much older.  She’s that much more independent, she needs me just a little less, she wants her friends a little more and far too often I get the feeling this really is going to go by to fast.

Audrey’s in preschool more this year too and that’s another pill and a half to swallow.  I am not even going to tell you what happens to my heart when I picture them both in school full time next year. (Hint: It may be accompanied by the “ugly” cry.)

I was dreading yesterday for weeks, wondering how Bethany would do, how Audrey would fair and what would happen to the lazyish days of Summer.  I had imagined all the worst scenarios, my “glass half full” personality being eaten up by the “they’re MY babies and you can’t have them” emotions.  I was certain it would all fall to pieces and so would I.

Then it didn’t.

School 2013 B

Bethany has a wonderful teacher, has 3 of her best friends in her class (the other ones directly across the hall), is super proud of her “real” desk and while the nerves were still there, settled right in.

School 2013 A

Audrey was nervous and had a few moments of tears but over all did ok with her first day too.  Her teachers know her, they know all about her, they love her and seeing that helps me let it go.  All will be ok there too.

As for me, I did pretty good too.  I spent the morning, hanging out in the hallway between all the Grade 1 classes with 5 of my favourite ladies.  God didn’t just place great kids in Bethany’s life but great families, Mamas in ours – in mine.  We whispered, we giggled and we may have spied a little on our kids.  It was the hovering Mama moment I needed made possible by the power in numbers and the fact that God basically unloaded half the Pacific ocean worth of rain on us.  I don’t know about them, but for me I needed that.

Fall has brought with it so many of the things I love, a few of the things I loath, the routine I crave and the reminder that when you look hard enough it doesn’t matter if your glass is half full or half empty because blessings can be found anywhere you look, when you look hard enough!

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  1. Have an amazing year girls (all three of you!) Enjoy it all, it passes all too quickly. Hugs and loads of Love …Mom / Grammy

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