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Packing school & work lunches isn’t really the worst thing ever.  Actually, I kind of like doing it.  I love getting to be creative with what everyone is getting to eat, making new things, playing around with “imagination sandwiches” shapes and sneaking little bits of love into their bags.

I love hunting through Pinterest (which is my restricted screen time, a girl could get lost – LOST in the land of the Pinterest!), flipping through magazines and coming up with my own ideas & recipes to make lunches both fun & nutritious.

That being said, there are times when a day gets too busy to be creative.  When I haven’t had the time or the weather’s been too hot to bake and what I really need are snacks that are easy, quick and not completely nutritionally void for our family.

When a box from our friends at Kelloggers Team arrived a week before school started I excitedly dove in to its contents.  I needed “back up” snack options, and they needed to know what we thought of their new products – it was perfect.

Here’s what we received:

Special K Popcorn Chips:

These Popcorn chips are only 80 calories per serving and come in both Butter and Sweet & Salty flavours.  They’re created to “Satisfy your love of buttery popcorn and still stay on track”.

Corey, the girls and my Mom all tried out these chips and had mixed reviews.  None of them really enjoyed the Sweety & Salty flavor, none of them said there was anything wrong with these chips, it just isn’t something they enjoyed.

The Butter flavour was met with a little more enthusiasm.  The girls in particular liked these chips.  They seemed to have a good crunch and the recommended serving of 20 chips was more than enough to satisfy them.   Which is a big bonus when it comes to chip like foods.  I often find chips are one of those things it’s hard to stop at just a few with.

Vector Protein Chewy Bars:

The Vector Protein Chewy Bars come in two flavours – Peanut and Mixed Nut (which contains almonds & peanuts) and are designed with nutrition & athletes in mind.  They’re design to offer “A high performance snack to help fuel your active lifestyle”.  Boasting 11g of protein and 5g of fiber per bar these are a great snack to help carry you through a long day or as a post workout re-fuel.

Corey and Audrey tried both bars and quite liked them.  Corey mentioned that they were slightly dry ( a common complaint in bars high in protein) but he liked the flavor, and the little bit of chocolate dipped on the bottom of each bar.

All-Bran Blueberry Brown Sugar Flavour Cereal Bars:

A great tasting, easy way to get fibre on-the-go” is the promise of these, yummy Kellogg’s All Bran Cereal bars.

These were by far Audrey’s favourite part of the package!   They have become a real treat to her (Corey mentioned they had an extremely sweet, almost candy like flavour) and she’s had more than her fair share of the package.  We will probably keep a box of these handing little snacks on hand for Audrey.

When it comes to back to school the team at Kellogg’s has you covered.  Whether you’re looking for a yummy breakfast cereal (we’re Brown Rice – Rice Krispies and Special K lovers over here), protein bars (an essential nutrient for muscle & brain function) or grab & go breakfast bars, like the All Bran Blueberry bars you can trust that Kellogg’s will have what you need!

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